5 Different ways to tie hoodie strings

How to tie hoodie strings

Hoodies are everyone’s favorite in the cold weather when they offer cozy and warm hugs to the body. But do you know how to tie hoodie strings so that it maintains your style? Hoodies are fashion statement pieces, yet these are practical clothing keeping you comfortable and warm.

No hoodies work great without the strings that are used for tightening the cap on the shoulders. The strings are made with a soft and delicate fabric that is easy to tie.

Do you know how to tie hoodie strings into a bow? You are missing out on much if you don’t know about it. You need to learn about it, so you don’t feel embarrassed next time in front of your friends.

This blog will share how to tie hoodie strings in a heart or flower shape. Continue reading if you are interested in learning these hoodie string knotting designs such as simple as a string bow, a double bow or any other.

Tie Hoodie Strings in 5 Different Ways

The best thing about strings and laces is that you can tie them in any possible way. This is the thing about hoodie strings: they are flexible and long enough to be tied easily.

Here we share some unique styles tying the hoodie strings that you may miss out on.

1: The String Bow

One of the most common types of tying hoodie strings is the classic method, the string bow. It is the most common when trying string designs.

It is likely not to complicate the strings with overdoing. The thing is as simple as it can get, so there is no way for you to mess it up.

To tie the strings into a bow, always make it a point to start by laying the hoodie on a flat surface, such as a table or anything else. Then, tie the knots in the opposite direction so that they make a simple and easy cross over each other.

In the next step, circle one end of the string under the other and create loops by curling both of the opposite ends you have previously crossed. Now, cross the two loops in unison and insert one hole between them. It feels like tying your shoelaces but working with cotton strings.

2: Dual String Bow Knot

A double knot is another popular style of knotting strings, so they look nice and classy. The method is quite similar to tying a classic string bow, but in this type, you intertwine them. Start making this design by creating a loop towards the right side.

Taking the strings away from the middle and ending the string over the top. Next, make a knot in the middle, bring the strings’ ends through the loop, and twist them downwards.

Once you pull the end of the string, you will figure out a bow. It will help you how to adjust it until it takes your desired shape.

If you don’t think the bow comes in the right shape, you can search how to tie hoodie strings wikihow and get an interesting guide that will be beneficial for you.

3: Flower-Shaped Knot

If you are feeling creative and want to level up the hoodie fashion, the best thing you can do is to tie the strings uniquely, such as in a heart shape or a flower shape.

If you are thinking of tying the strings into a flower shape, know that it requires longer strings than normal. Start by pinching the cords in the middle section and wrap them in the lower half around the upper half a few times, such as six times.

It will start looking like a noose converted to a circle by pulling and securing the cord. The wraps will transform into the shape of flower petals eventually. Finish the tying with the knot that brings the end of the string. Pass it through the middle of the circle to complete your bow design.

4: Loop Bow

Are you looking for another way of tying the hoodie strings than a simple bow? Double bow, a traditional heart or flower shape?  If you don’t know about any of these, learn how to tie hoodie strings in a loop bow. This type of tying strings is drastically better with the oversized loos that make it less formal.

Give your hoodie costume a classy and decent look with the amazing loop bow. You can search online for how to make the loop bow with hoodie strings or find some amazing tutorial videos on YouTube. How to tie hoodie string TikTok videos are also quite helpful. Don’t miss out on them.

5: Heart-Shaped Strings Knot

Last but not least, another beautiful design to tie your hoodie strings is to make a heart shape. The design is quite complicated, but it goes a long way.

You can easily learn how to tie hoodie strings into a heart with some easy steps. Check out the YouTube video guides and viral videos to learn the technique.


To sum up, it is important to tie your hoodie strings to look sophisticated. Whether you style your hoodie with sneakers or wear it at home, make it look decent and classy with the string designs. Learn the basics hoodie strings tying designs, and you are good to go.


How do you secure hoodie strings?

There are different ways to hold the hoodie strings, such as in a bow, a loop, a double bow, or a simple flower. Like tying the laces, you can easily secure the hoodie strings with a simple bow design.

How do you keep a hoodie string in place?

Try pinning a large safety pin outside the hole to keep the hoodie string in place. It will secure the tying design and will hold it in place.


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