Snake Bites Piercing: Easy Guide for Beginners

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Snake Bites Piercing Guide Cost, Pain, Healing, and Jewelry

If you’re considering snake bites piercing, go for it! But before you step in, it’s very important to understand the process, care, and expectations. So,  They’re not just a fashion statement. 

A snake bite piercing involves a double lip piercing located near the outer corners of the lower lip. The name “snake bites” is derived from its resemblance to a snake’s bite.

It’s worth noting that there are other “bite” piercings available, such as spider bites and angel bites. To avoid any confusion, you can also describe them as “paired lower lip piercings” if this is the style you choose. 

Here’s everything you will learn in this guide: 

  • The cost of snake bite piercing 
  • Jewelry used for snakebite piercing 
  • Types of lip piercing 
  • Do’s and don’ts piercing 
  • How much does piercing hurt? 

Let’s get started!

How Much Does A Snake Bites Piercing Cost?

The snake bite piercing price can vary widely by factors such as location, choice of jewelry, and the level of experience of the piercing professional.

Generally, a snake bite piercing typically falls within the price range of $60 to $120. Make sure to check if the price includes the jewelry or not. 

How Painful Are These Piercings?

Many people ask, “Are snake bites painful?” The answer is, “Yes”. But it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly how `2q1 much because everyone is unique.

Although they appear severe, snake bite lip piercings are usually not thought to be as painful as other types of lip piercings, like vertical snake bites and particularly those that penetrate the real lip.

Some people like tongue piercings as well, and this brings up another question: Is snake bite tongue piercing painful? It’s been said that it hurts a lot more than a typical tongue piercing and that the pain from the second piercing may be greater than the first. 

But it’s difficult to predict as mentioned earlier. Since pain is subjective, no two people will ever feel it in precisely the same way.

The Snake bites Piercing Healing Process

Getting the snakebite piercing is the easy part, but now it’s time for the healing process. Healing usually takes around four to eight weeks, and it’s important to check with your piercer to confirm complete healing before stopping aftercare. 

During the healing time, you’ll need to clean the piercing 2-3 times a day with a piercing aftercare saline solution, making sure to clean both the front and back of the jewelry.

What Kind Of Snake Bites Piercing Jewelry Is Used?

You have two jewelry choices for snake bites: labret studs and rings.

labret stud consists of a bar with a stud or a similar decorative element on one end and a flat plate on the other, which rests against the inside of the lip.

Rings, on the other hand, are simply circular bands that encircle the lip. 

Snake Bites Piercing-kshvid
Snake Bites Piercing Guide Cost, Pain, Healing, and Jewelry

What Materials Are Suitable For Piercing Jewelry? 

Material is important in the world of piercings. And, it’s particularly important for mouth piercings as the jewelry may come into touch with your teeth and gums.

The Association of Professional Piercers (APP) recommends wearing jewelry crafted from 14-karat or higher gold or metals suitable for implants. For your convenience, you can select jewelry made from the following list:

  • Gold
  • Surgical steel
  • Glass
  • Platinum
  • Titanium
  • Niobium

9 Trendy Types of Lip Piercing

There are many types of lip piercings that you can go for. Piercing enthusiasts keep coming up with new styles. But for now, check out 9 most chic types of lip piercings

1. Side Labret Lip Piercing/Classic Lip Piercing

2. Ashley Piercing

3. Labret & Vertical Labret Piercing

4. Medusa Piercing

5. Dahlia Piercing

6. Monroe Piercing

7. Madonna Piercing

8. Spider Bites

9. Angel Bites

Do Snakebite Piercings Damage Teeth?

Since bacteria prefer to gather near lip piercings, infection of the piercing is not unusual. Your teeth, especially your front teeth, can be affected by the metal, thus irritating the gum line. If you decide to have a lip piercing, it may put your front teeth at risk.

But some things can help you heal without any complications. 

What Not To Do When Healing From a Piercing? 

You can promote healing for your piercing by abstaining from a few easy no-nos. While it’s recovering, DON’T:

  • Play with your jewelry 
  • Touch your piercing with dirty hands
  • Chew gums or other things like nails, straws, pencils, or anything that can carry bacteria
  • Use alcohol
  • Oral sex, even kissing
  • Share utensils with anyone, not even family
  • Smoke

Are Snakebite Piercings Safe?

The reason why getting a snakebite piercing is more dangerous than getting an ear piercing is because the mouth is more likely to hold bacteria than the ears, getting a snakebite piercing involves a higher risk. It is also more susceptible to harm or discomfort because of its location. 

Lip piercings are more prone to infection due to various factors, including blood-borne infections (such as hepatitis or HIV) resulting from faulty tool sterilization, as well as the presence of microorganisms on the skin or in the mouth from inadequate pre-operative cleaning.

Keep in mind that all body piercings will leave a scar, whether you keep them or take them out. If you decide to remove a piercing, keep it in until it’s fully healed. Once it’s ready, you can remove the jewelry, but maintain cleanliness as it closes up. Over time, the tissue will fill in, resulting in piercing scars.

Snake Bites Piercing In A Nutshell

Snake bite piercing comes with various factors to consider: pain, healing, jewelry materials, and potential risks. So, They may not be extremely painful, but healing requires proper care and time. Always remember, if you take complete care you can get the best out of snake bite piercing. 

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