Ashley Piercing Guide: Procedure, Cost, Side Effects, & More!

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Ashley Piercing Cost, Side Effects and Experience

As lip piercings are getting popular due to the influence of social media. It must be on your list if you are a fashion freak and love exploring new trends. Ashley piercing enhances your bold personality with an alluring look and pairs perfectly with the red lips that pop. If you need to learn about this type of piercing, continue reading on this page.

This blog will share what Ashley piercing is, its side effects, how to treat the site, and which jewelry to consider. Before moving with this new trend, continue reading and know what to consider. 

What is Ashley Piercing?

Ashley piercing is a lip piercing design that reveals a puncture inside the mouth rather than below the lip. In addition,  a simple bead, a gemstone, or a charm works perfectly for it. It is minimalist and simple yet looks extraordinary with plenty of attention. 

The actual name for this piercing is an inverted vertical labret. A typical vertebral labret has two visible points, while Ashley has one point that makes the difference for Ashley’s piercing vs vertebral labret.

It is more convenient to get and maintain according to the anatomy of the mouth. Before getting it, one must consult the piercer to know Ashley’s piercing pros and cons. 

Does Ashley Piercing Hurt?

Although it is like the other piercings on the nose, ears, and other body parts, it hurts a little. The needle is being pushed into your skin, and the pain threshold depends on the individual’s tolerance level.

On a scale from zero to ten, it is five or six. Although the piercing may not always be so painful, it can trigger scarring and redness. 

Ashley’s piercing healing time depends on the pain and swelling if it takes longer. You can expect three to four months for complete healing. The healing time can extend if you don’t take good care of your piercing and don’t follow the guidelines. 

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost of piercing depends on several factors, such as the piercing experience, the skills and experience of the piercer, and the region where you are. However, it charges somewhere between $30 to $50. 

Whenever you want to get a piercing, make sure that you reach out to a well-qualified piercer and never skimp over it. Look for the available options and entrust the one with a more sturdy hand and positive reviews. 

How to Take Care After Getting the Piercing?

Ashley’s piercing aftercare step is a bit more complicated as it differs from your regular piercing. The first tip is to keep the area clean to prevent infection at the site. Here are some tips that can help keep the piercing good in the beginning:

1: Don’t neglect oral hygiene

All the piercings to heal completely. Do not use any ointment, oil, or any other over-the-counter drug. Keep your mouth clean after eating meals. Rinse the piercing and use a non-alcoholic lotion to clean it properly. 

2: Adjust your diet

Try to take light meals that don’t need much chewing at this time. Stay away from hot and spicy food during the healing phase. 

3: Sanitize the area

Perform sanitization on the site and use a saline solution for this purpose; make sure not to move the jewelry to avoid damage. 

Side effects of Ashley Piercing:

Getting the piercing may seem fun and trendy, but you must know that it can be very challenging at the same time.

The piercing in the mouth is very dangerous as it is a critical spot. Here are some side effects that can occur after getting the piercing, and you must be mentally prepared to face them:

1: Infection

Infection is a common side effect of all kinds of piercing. Having a piercing inside the mouth is already challenging, as food can quickly get stuck around it. You must consult the skin doctor if you notice swelling and redness around the spot for some days. 

2: Scarring

Another side effect of Ashley piercing is the scarring at the site. The site spot is prone to irritation with the jewelry. The build-ups on the skin site can scar the tissue and be a painful event for the individuals. 

3: Swelling

Swelling is a common side effect of the piercing, regardless of the position. If you notice swelling around the mouth, don’t panic, as it is pretty standard. Due to swelling, you may notice that your jewelry is also loosened up. In such situations, sanitize the piercing spot and wait until it heals completely. 

What Jewelry Material Is Use for an Ashley Piercing?

Wearing the correct type of jewelry is necessary to keep the site from scarring and infection. Ashely piercing jewelry choices are limited. For instance, a labret stud with a fixed, flat, and threaded accessory is typically the best choice. More than the jewelry, the jewelry material is more important. Here we share what type of material you must choose:

  • Use an inert metal to avoid allergy skin reactions. 
  • Implant-grade stainless steel is a good choice for studs. 
  • Gold with higher than 14 karats is suitable for this kind of piercing.
  • Titanium is the best choice to avoid allergy and irritation at the piercing site. 
  • Pure sterling silver studs also make another popular choice. 

Wrapping Up:

In summary, getting the piercing at the lips, specifically inside the mouth, is quite a move. One must look for the right season and the right piercer to go with it. Moreover, piercing aftercare can play a vital role in making it work out perfectly. 


Why is it known the Ashley piercing?

Although there is no specific story behind its name, the first person who got this piercing was named Ashley. For this reason, it is familiar with this name and has become popular gradually. 

Do Ashley piercings damage teeth?

It doesn’t cause damage to the mouth and lips until it is healing fine. The piercing can cause scarring, swelling, and redness but has to do nothing with the teeth. 

Does Ashley Piercing Leave A Scar?

In some cases, it leaves a scar depending upon its condition. It can be due to the reason that the perforated area is quite large. In most cases, it leaves a dark spot that can be easily covered with a bold lipstick. 

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