4 Ways to Get the Perfect High Cheekbones

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Get the Perfect High Cheekbones

Are you a fashion and beauty freak who loves following current trends and looks? If yes, the high cheekbones in women are quite trending, and everyone is looking for ways to get the perfect cheeks. From using certain makeup tricks to getting face plastic surgery, there are several ways to get your perfect look. 

In this blog, we will share how to get the perfect checks and jawline that will attract everyone, and you will love to flex your facial bones.

Continue reading to learn more about the advanced options of getting the perfectly curated cheekbones. 

What are Cheekbones?

The first question that comes to everyone’s mind is what are the cheekbones, and where are they exactly located? The cheekbones are a part of the human skull or below the eye sockets. They create the structure of the face and are involved in certain activities such as chewing of mouth, speaking, and facial expressions. 

The cheekbones get more pronounced with age. With the increase in your age digits, the check bones start stretching as the facial fat decreases and the skin starts sagging. The age-related facial changes include loss of the bone and cheek muscles.

Further, the amount of check fat tells exactly how visible your cheekbones will be. Food choices and lifestyle can introduce fat. 

It is essential to notice that the facial structure changes with time. For instance, kids have a lean face structure compared to the younger ones.

Likewise, the elders have sagging skin, wrinkles, and fine lines different from others. Low cheekbones vs. high cheekbones can be enhanced with a few techniques we will explore in this blog.

High vs. Low Cheekbones

Now, why is everyone emphasizing high cheekbones? This is because cheekbones are a significant facial bone that creates the whole look of your look.

The genetic makeup and ethnic history quickly determine the level of cheekbones. The models and bloggers undergo several surgeries to get the perfect uplifted checks that help them hide their side fat. 

People with low cheeks may lack defined bones if the cheeks. The face is usually the widest and has the same level as the nostrils. So, to get an uplifted look, especially for women, go with the contouring or choose plastic surgery to raise the appearance.  

Four Ways to Get High Cheekbones

Raising cheekbones is now considered a beauty trend as it gives the perfect model face look. Moreover, it adds to the most demanded feature in the models. Models go through several ways to get the uplifted look, such as:

1: Face exercise

Face exercise is one of the easiest and simplest ways that can be used to get the perfect facial features, from a perfect jawline to higher cheekbones.

With the oil massage in the beginning and moving towards simple exercise, you can easily go through the cheek muscles and bones exercise that will tighten the muscles and increase blood circulation. 

Furthermore, the exercise helps bring more oxygen; the more oxygen, the more glowy you look. So, before going to any aesthetician, one must consider the facial exercises to achieve their goals. 

2: Face contour

The second-best way to get the uplifted cheekbones is by using the right technique of face contour. Using the right brush and bronzer can help you save money and investments in facial surgeries.

Take the right contouring brush and start contouring your facial bones. Contour below the cheekbone properly and blend them so that it merge with the blush. 

A face bronzer and a contour brush can help you enhance the cheekbones as quickly as possible. Remember to use a blush to get the pink cheeks.

In addition, use a highlighter to highlight the cheekbones. This is the best, most straightforward way to create higher cheekbones without surgery. 

3: Plastic surgery

Now, procedures are available to enhance the volume and structure of the face for a more visual appearance.

Higher cheekbones in Asians are quite common as they come from their genes, but in other nations, the cheekbones are enhanced in several ways. 

Plastic surgery is getting a more symmetrical face with natural-looking expressions and slightly lifted lips. Check implants are quite common as an incision in the mouth cavity inserts them.

Mostly, doctors perform eyelid incision methods with eyelid surgery to uplift the cheekbones. Besides the implants, people undergo fat grafting techniques to check the area and sculpt the cheekbones. 

4: Dermal Fillers

A non-surgical technique to get enhanced cheeks is dermal fillers. Dermal fillers are injectables that add volume and make the cheeks prominent. The dermal fillers usually comprise hyaluronic acid, a natural sugar in the connective skin tissue. 

If you are thinking of getting the cheeks uplifted by using dermal fillers, it is recommended to consult with a few dermatologists. Ask your concerns before moving forward with any technique that they present. Also, perform your research about the procedure. 

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Final verdict:

If you are also into getting the perfect facial traits, high cheekbones might also be on your list. We recommend performing facial exercise daily for 20 minutes to attain the uplifted cheeks.

Additionally, get the perfectly curated cheekbones with the right contouring technique. Save yourself from the surgeries and fillers as much as possible.


Are high cheekbones attractive?

Yes, high cheekbones are always attractive in all skin types and colors.

Are high cheekbones rare?

No. High cheekbones are not rare, as now people use surgical and non-surgical techniques to get high cheekbones.

How do I tell if I have high cheekbones?

You can find out that you have high cheekbones if they are located at the same level as the upper part of your nose.

What are high cheekbones a trait of?

Having high cheekbones is a trait of people of Central and Eastern Europe.

What face shape has high cheekbones?

The research reveals that people with diamond-shaped faces have high cheekbones.

What is the most attractive cheekbone?

Higher cheekbones and almond-shaped eyes are a woman’s most attractive and desirable features.


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