Lip Piercing Series: Medusa Piercing & What To Expect

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Medusa Piercing - An Expert Guide On Pain, Healing, & Costs

One of the most striking features on someone’s face is their lips, and when you add a petite piercing, it brings out their beauty even more. Now, there are various types when it comes to lip piercing, but the one we’re discussing today is Medusa piercing. 

It takes a lot of courage to get a piercing because it stays with you for the long run. Therefore, you must know the aftercare process, the pain levels, and other essential notions. 

Especially with this type of piercing that’s not necessarily common but still offers an albeit spot for jewellery. So, if you’re someone who is pondering over the idea of a lip piercing, make sure to read and follow this blog till the end so you know what you’re getting yourself into. 

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What Is Medusa Piercing? 

A medusa piercing sits in the indentation area of your upper lip, directly above the cupid’s bow.  You can also call it ‘The Philtrum,’ which means the anatomical place of the area. Although it’s one of the many types of piercings you’ll find online, there’s something charismatic about the artwork that makes it unique. 

Moreover, this piercing takes work to pull off. So, with the right jewellery, nothing steals the limelight better. The cleaning and aftercare requirements for a Medusa piercing are the same as those for any other type. 

It could be helpful for you to understand the healing period that comes with it, as well as any possible health dangers. Piercings close to the mouth area require extra caution and care since numerous oral bacteria can still be detrimental to the piercing even after it has healed.

Many people who opt for this type of piercing also obtain other types, such as a labret piercing or other facial piercings, which draw attention to their lip piercing.

What are the Pain Levels and Healing Time? 

Most likely, it will hurt for a few seconds unless you have an extreme pain threshold. The amount of pain you can handle depends on your tolerance levels.

Moreover, the healing time ranges around three months. For some individuals, it could take longer. 

What Is The Aftercare Process Of A Medusa Peircing?

If not sure yet, this type of piercing requires an adequate aftercare routine because it’s both an oral piercing and a lip one. Therefore, you need to remember that you cannot touch, twist, or turn the affected area repeatedly. 

Additionally, you can also take a break from unhealthy foods and focus on a clean and healthy diet that can contribute to increasing your healing time.

Ensure you consume a lot of water, particularly after a meal. It helps clear your mouth off a lot of leftover food particles.  It keeps you from becoming dehydrated, which helps keep the incision from swelling more than usual. 

Water consumption also increases salivation, and saliva has many enzymes, antimicrobial substances, and healing qualities unique to oral injuries.

What Are the Two Types Of Medusa Piercings? 

Body jewels are another way of showing off your personality and emotions creatively and dynamically. Additionally, it offers a sense of uniqueness and feeling special, so why not go all out when creating your piercings? 

We have two variations that’ll make you feel otherwise: 

  • Double Medusa Piercing: 

A double medusa piercing is a variation of the commonly piercing medusa, which consists of two vertical punches below the septum. 

This style would look good with tiny and petite piercings, which you can put on one. Because this kind of piercing requires two perforations in a single place, the piercer would recommend you get them at separate times so that you have to go through less pain and more effortless healing.

  • Nose Ring: 

Due to their proximity to the upper lip, a septum piercing or a straightforward nose piercing goes very nicely with a Medusa piercing!

The Best Celebrity Inspirations For A Medusa Look

Celebrities are the epitome of style and inspiration in the fashion and beauty world.

Rightly so, a cult of followers admire and follow the trends set by actors and models to stay on top of the pyramid. Therefore, we’re bringing in one prominent celebrity who not only rocks the Medusa piercing look but also makes you want to jump on the bandwagon and get one for yourself. 

Zhavia Ward: 

In the music video for “Candlelight,” Zhavia Ward sports a Medusa stud and a septum nose hoop. The medusa finishes in a lovely, moderately-sized stud.

The medusa piercing goes well with the septum and nose piercing, which, when combined, complete the entire appearance.

If someone wants to appear more stylish or badass, they can choose this variant. The notion of combining numerous piercings is brilliant.

How Much Does A Phitrum Piercing Cost?

Depending on your chosen facility, most expert piercers charge approximately £45. Ensure you don’t sacrifice quality for budget, or try getting this piercing done at home.

We don’t want to take any kind of risk that involves our faces getting ruined, do we? Therefore, we strictly suggest you thoroughly research and examine all the artists to ensure you find the best one in the business. 

After all, you’re spending money and altering your face for a lifetime; the least you can do is demand adequate service. 

Wrapping It Up! 

Medusa Piercing offers a subtly erotic and bold look and goes well on almost everybody. However, it takes a lot of effort to pull off this look with style and sigma. Although the process can be painful, and the healing takes some time, it’s all worth it when the final look comes upfront. 

You can take a look at some of your favourite celebrities for inspiration or explore various types of lip piercings, such as Monroe, spider bites, and labret piercings. 

Moreover, take a moment to fully comprehend the idea and look at everything involving the process before taking the big step.

Because at the end of the day, you are modifying your face, it can stay with you forever. So, hire the best studio in town and get yourself the piercing you deserve. 


Do Medusa piercings make your lips look bigger?

Well, we wouldn’t say it makes them look bigger, but they certainly pair well with plump lips. Additionally, Medusa works best for fuller top-lip women, or you could try Jestrum piercing as well. 

Are Medusa Piercings Pretty? 

The Medusa may be the most attractive of all the piercings, although many other kinds are prevalent these days. It draws attention to the lips, enhances the appearance of the mouth, and can instantly increase your confidence. That’s why it’s so well-liked!

When Can I Kiss After My Piercing?

According to Medical News Today, for two weeks following the piercing, one should refrain from kissing or having oral sex because these activities may lead to an infection at the piercing site. A person might get a permanent gap or scar on their lip if they remove the labret.

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