13 Do’s & Don’ts to Prepare Yourself for Laser Hair Removal

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13 Do's and Don'ts for Preparing Yourself for Laser Hair Removal

Getting ready for laser hair removal? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Check out our 13 do’s and don’ts on how to prepare for laser hair removal.

What Not to Do Before Getting Laser Hair Removal.


1- Don’t Pluck, Wax, Or Tweeze Your Hair.

Before your laser hair removal appointment, avoid plucking, waxing, tweezing, or using an epilator on the treated area for 4 to 6 weeks.

The root of the hair is the main target of laser treatment. Shaving is okay because it doesn’t pull the roots.


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In fact, you should shave the targeted area before your session. Laser appointments are usually arranged every 8 to 10 weeks.

After each session, you can resume waxing and plucking, but stopping at least 6 weeks before your next appointment is necessary.

2- Don’t Have Any Procedures Like Botox.

Hold off for a minimum of 14 days after receiving dermal fillers, Botox, microdermabrasion, or chemical peels in the area you want to get laser hair removal.

These treatments may cause skin irritation, making it more laser sensitive.

Additionally, Botox and fillers can alter the site’s appearance, making it harder for the technician to accurately target the hair follicles with the laser.

It’s best to discuss any recent cosmetic treatments with your technician before scheduling your laser hair removal appointment.

3- Don’t Use Any Topical Products.

Beauty products like deodorant, skincare products, makeup, and lotions can impact laser hair removal results. To avoid this:

  • Remove them before treatment. This also applies to ointments and anything else used in the area.
  • Avoid photosensitive topical products such as hydroxy acids, salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, and retinol.
  • Cleanse the skin with soap and water only. If using makeup remover, rinse well with water afterward.

4- Don’t Bleach Your Hair.

The laser used in hair removal targets hair pigment found in the root as discussed earlier. Bleaching alters the pigment, making it harder to target the hair.

To avoid this, stop bleaching 6 weeks before your appointment.

This gives the hair roots enough time to grow back to their natural color, which is easier for the laser to detect and eliminate.

5- Avoid Sun Exposure.

Avoid exposing your skin to sunlight for a fortnight prior to undergoing laser hair removal. This includes tanning beds and self-tanners.

Sun exposure can cause skin discoloration or sunburn. Blistering and excessive pain may occur due to sunburn.

Laser professionals won’t treat a client with even a minor sunburn. They will reschedule. So, always wear sunscreen when the treating area is exposed while outside.

6- Avoid Alcohol.

Alcohol dehydrates the skin, making laser hair removal more painful. Avoid excessive drinking 24 hours before the procedure.

7- Avoid Caffeine.

Avoid coffee several hours before laser hair removal to reduce discomfort. Coffee increases skin sensitivity, like alcohol.

What You Should Do Before Laser Hair Removal.


8- Shave The Area.

Shave the area 24-48 hours in advance before scheduling a laser hair removal appointment. The laser targets hair pigment in the root.

Due to shaving, it is still present despite the hair being invisible to the naked eye. Shaving lowers the chances of surface burns.

If forgotten, the technician may shave for you.

Use non-perfumed cleansing products before a Brazilian or Bikini wax to avoid irritation. Cleanse with pH-balanced feminine wash after shaving.

9- Check For Medications.

Inform your laser professional of all medications taken orally and topically.

Some medicines may affect laser treatment efficacy. They may intensify skin sensitivity, causing burns or blisters.

Make special mention of birth control, antibiotics, acne, and photosensitizing medications. You don’t need to stop medication but be cautious during treatment.

The laser technician can adjust treatment accordingly if they know of medication use. Inform them of any new medicines before your next appointment.

10- Wear Suitable Clothes.

Choose comfortable clothing for the session. Irritation is common after treatment. Wear loose and breathable clothes. For the bikini area, wear cotton underwear and loose pants.

11- Take Mild Pain Reliever.

If you experience low pain tolerance, taking a mild pain reliever may be helpful before laser treatment.

12- Laser Hair Treatment & Periods

Hormonal changes during menstruation can result in heightened skin sensitivity and discomfort during laser hair removal.

Ideally, schedule your laser therapy a week before or after your period for optimal results.

13- Take A Bath.

Before arriving for your appointment, bathe and come with clean skin. Please avoid using lotions, oils, makeup, creams, or fragrances, as they can interfere with the treatment.

Your skin must be clean and free from any substances that may affect the accuracy and effectiveness of the laser hair removal treatment.

The Bottom Line

If you’re wondering how to prepare for laser hair removal, these 13 do’s and don’ts will help. Proper preparation is essential for success.

Don’t forget to share any medical concerns and trust the process. With these tips, you’ll be fully prepared for optimal results.

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  • Can I get a facial before laser hair removal?

Combining a facial and laser hair removal on the same day is not a wise decision. Schedule them separately.

  • Is it safe to exfoliate before laser hair removal?

Exfoliate 2-3 days before, but not on the treatment day. It might irritate your skin during the session.

  • Can I apply hyaluronic acid before the laser hair treatment?

Don’t put anything on your skin before the treatment, including hyaluronic acid and other skincare products.

  • Can I shave immediately before laser hair treatment?

Shave the area 24 to 48 hours before, but not on the same day. It could cause irritation due to razor bumps etc and affect the treatment.

  • Is it okay to shave two days post-laser hair removal treatment?

Make sure to wait 3 to 4 days after your treatment before shaving. Give your skin enough time to recover and heal.

  • What kind of experience can you expect following your initial laser hair removal treatment?

Redness, swelling, and temporary discomfort are common. They usually go away within hours. Skin pigmentation might change temporarily too.

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