Brotherlocks: A Detailed Guide for Men’s Hairstyle 2023

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Brotherlocks 101: The Ultimate Handbook for Men's Hairstyle

Brotherlocks are a modish hairstyle for men and are now adopted by many cultures as a symbol of fabulous fashion. If you want this hairdo but need to know the tips and tricks, this article is for you. Please give it a read and get to know about this hairstyle.

Brotherlocks 101 The Ultimate Handbook for Men's Hairstyle

What is Brotherlock?

Men wear brother locks which are a unique solution to hair styling needs. It is a unique, modern, and stylish hairstyle that differs from the traditional dread concept.

It is generally created when all the hair is locked into strands. Historically, a movement made this hairstyle famous, but hippy cultures worldwide and natural African Americans quickly adopted it.

When did Brotherlock Originate?

Brotherlocks history dates back to 2500 BCE. Several indigenous civilizations from Africa to Australia have traditionally worn their hair in a locked style.

The traditional dreadlock became more mainstream in modern culture in the 70s due to the Rastafari movement and its Jamaican roots. From then till now, dreadlocks have been a trendy hairstyle option. 

However, Dr. Cornel West, a public activist, and philosopher, has made the brother lock hairstyle fashionable. His unique hairdo, consisting of tiny, thin locs, became famous.

His hairstyle became a symbolic representation of his cultural identity and personal style. Later on, it inspires many individuals to adopt a similar look. As a result, the brother lock hairstyle gained recognition and spread within the natural hair community.

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How to start a Brotherlock Hairstyle?

Brotherlocks traditionally involve twisting the locks together to form one large coil instead of separating them into smaller ones. You must consult a professional to get this hairstyle, which requires a unique technique. However, the method involves basic steps. 


An initial deliberation with the loctician is crucial since you will learn a lot during this appointment. For instance, your loctician will discuss essential elements like hair length, texture, and volume. 

Additionally, you can insert a few samples of the Locs into your hair to get a sense of whether or not you can pull off the hairdo. Men are often against change, whereas women are seen as courageous for embracing change in their hair, skin, or nails. So, talking to the loctician is an excellent idea. 

In addition, you will learn about the process’ overall cost, your next appointments, and Brotherlock maintenance advice. 


To thoroughly understand the procedure, finish your research on the installation method or speak with a hair specialist. 


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The locs are produced with a powerful tool. Additionally, the creation of locs requires 10 to 20 hours. As a result, you must plan your appointment with the loctician around your timetable. Additionally, 400 to 500 locs simple to add to your hair, but your loctician will determine the exact quantity after examining your hair. 

The locs are made during this process, and you also receive a beginning kit of the following items:

  • Shampoo 
  • rubber bands
  • hair care advice.

 With the appropriate shampoo and hair care tips, you can easily maintain your hair for a more extended period. 

Follow Up

You must contact a hairstylist to follow up on your deadlocks after getting the locs. The hair specialist will retighten Locs to provide the perfect look. During these sessions, you can get more tips about protecting your hair from the environment and debris. 

If you have any questions, you should also consult your loctician. Most often, the follow-up appointments take place one month after the installation of the locs. 

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6 Maintenance Tips for Brotherlock

Elevate Your Style with Brotherlocks A Complete Guide for Men

1. Patience

Brotherlocks require patience for growing because the hair needs time to lock naturally and form individual locs. It typically takes several months for the hair to begin shutting and at least a year or more for the locks to mature fully. 

2. Regular Maintenance: 

Brotherlocks require regular maintenance to keep them clean and well-groomed. It would help if you used a shampoo designed specifically for locs to wash your hair once a week. Be gentle while cleaning to avoid unraveling or damaging the locks.

3. Retightening

As your brother’s locks grow, the roots may start to loosen. It’s essential to retighten them periodically to maintain the desired look. Interlocking, palm rolling, or using a latch hook tool are different methods for retightening brother locks. It’s advisable to consult a professional loctician to ensure proper retightening without causing damage.

4. Moisturizing: 

Moisturizing your hair strands is essential for maintaining healthy and vibrant hair. Use a light oil or moisturizer to prevent dryness and breakage. Avoid heavy products that can cause build-up and make the hair feel greasy.

5. Protecting at Night: 

Consider wearing a satin or silk bonnet or a satin or silk pillowcase while sleeping. These materials help retain moisture and minimize friction that can lead to breakage.

6. Regular Trimming: 

Trimming the ends of your brother’s locks periodically promotes healthy growth and prevents split ends. Trimming every few months or as needed will maintain the neatness and shape of your locks. 

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Caring Tips for Long-Lasting Locs


I. How to Wash your locs?

Following are some steps to follow while washing your locks

  • Use a lock-friendly shampoo to wash your locks. 
  • Take a small amount and gently massage it into your scalp, focusing on the roots. 
  • Ensure you rinse your scalp and the locks properly to avoid residue. 
  • Dry your locks with a towel and avoid hair dryers, which can lead to dryness. 

ii. How to Protect Your Locks While Sleeping?

Protecting your sleeping locks can help prevent damage and keep your hair healthy. Here are some tips to help you save your locks while you sleep:

  • Use a satin or silk pillowcase to reduce friction and the chances of your hair getting tangled or breaking while you sleep. 
  • Opt for a loose braid or bun to contain your hair and prevent tangling during sleep. 
  • It’s better to sleep with dry hair to reduce breakage and frizz. 
  • Keep your hair hydrated with a moisturizer. You can also use a hydrating hair mist or oil throughout the day to moisturize your locks. 

From where did Brotherlock get inspiration

Brotherlocks draw inspiration from traditional locs, which have deep roots in various cultures, including ancient Egypt, India, and Ethiopia. 

They were symbols of spirituality, cultural pride, and rebellion against conventional norms for the people.

Brotherlocks, in particular, emphasize the neatness and versatility of smaller-sized locs while maintaining the overall aesthetic and symbolism of traditional locs. 

Brotherlocks VS Dreadlocks

Brotherlock is a different hairstyle from traditional locks in terms of length. The main distinction between the two is that both involve lifetime commitments. Both need the proper consideration and care. However, there are a few variables regarding size, installation method, and overall cost. 

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1- Length and Number

Brotherlocks are more compact and lightweight than other dreadlock varieties. Depending on the type or appearance you wish to achieve, you can get them for between 300 and 500. They are also ideal for wearing in offices and other formal environments. 

The dreadlocks, on the other hand, are longer. Compared to the brother locks, they feature fewer styling choices. You can choose from various dreadlock sizes depending on your style and hair texture. 

Similarly, you can order them based on the volume of your hair. Dreadlocks can range in number from 5 to 200 depending on the texture of the hair. 

2- Process

This hairdo is created by the locatician using an interlocking tool. This method divides the hair into distinct grid patterns and fastens with a tool. The device secures the hair by tying countless tiny knots of various lengths. 

Dreadlocks are created by applying either the palm-rolling or twisting technique. You can select a specific pattern depending on your preferences for style and comfort. Additionally, you can develop dreads by twisting your fingers or hands through your hair. 

3- Cost

Brotherlocks typically cost between $500 and $800. Additional fees apply for consultation, follow-up, and re-tightening. So please take into account all of these costs. 

Whereas, Dreadlocks are entirely free. Practice the skill after learning it online. You can put the locs in your hair without a professional’s assistance.

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Are Brotherlocks different from Sisterlocks?

Yes, they are different regarding their names and the communities they are associated with. 

Brotherlocks and Sisterlocks are symbolic titles that describe a particular method of creating small, uniform, and well-groomed locks in natural hair. The differences in both hairstyles are titled according to the gender identity. 


Dr. JoAnne Cornwell, in the 1990s, created the trademarked term sister locks. They are designed for women. One can make this hairdo by dividing the hair into small, uniform locks. The process typically produces a more delicate and versatile hairstyle, allowing various styling options.


On the other hand, Dr. Aminifu Rashaad introduced the term brother lock with a similar technique to Sisterlocks but tailored it specifically for men. Brotherlocks are a male version of Sisterlocks. It allows men to maintain small, well-defined locks while preserving their hair’s natural texture and integrity.


The main difference between both hairstyles is the intended gender identity of the individuals wearing them. The hairstyles may be similar, but the names reflect the distinct communities and cultural associations of the respective gender groups.

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6 Pros of Brotherlocks

  • Brotherlocks are easier to maintain than natural hair as their styling requirements are minimal. 
  • They are a fashion statement and give you a trendy and relaxed look. 
  • Braids, twists, and updos can also be worn with this hairdo.
  • You can also carry them naturally or pull them back into a ponytail or bun.
  • It also increases your hair’s length upon stretching your locks.
  • With locks, you don’t need to do any specific hairstyle daily.

Cons of Brotherlocks

With numerous benefits, this hairdo also has some cons or disadvantages:

You must adhere to a highly disciplined way of living. 

Some males experience excessive loc breakage.

While the brother locks settle, you cannot use moisturizing items in your hair. 


Brotherlock is an edgy and unique hairstyle that can include a touch of personality to your look. It requires little effort to maintain your locks. So if you’re looking for a low-maintenance hairstyle that’s still unique, cool, trendy, and edgy, Brotherlocks are the way to go.


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