What’s the difference between Microlocs vs Sisterlocks

Microlocs vs Sisterlocks: Everything You Need to Know

Dreadlocks are one of the protective hairstyles that are trending nowadays. The amazing thing about this style is that it comes in several types, such as microlocs, thick locs, thin locs, sisterlocks, and more. This blog will share the major differences between microlocs vs sisterlocks. Continue reading to learn about them, and choose wisely according to your hair texture and volume.

All these types have different thicknesses and styling patterns that make them distinct from others. If you are looking for a protective hairstyle, go with the locs. To choose any locs, make sure you know their major differences.

What are sisterlocks?

Sisterlocks are one of the dreadlocks types in which the locs are matted together in a rope-like appearance. The locs are light and thin and take much time to install in the natural hair.

However, the technique is simple and doesn’t involve twisting, palm rolling, or any other technique. Further, there is no need to use any hair-setting spray or hair-setting products such as gels and hair wax.

Micro sisterlocks are easy to install as they are comparatively thick than microlocs and are easy to install.

Remember the fact that locs is a life-long journey and a high-maintenance hairstyle. Make sure you get the right type of locs in your hair.

What are microlocs?

Microlocs are smaller than traditional locs. The microlocs are smaller than a pencil, making them unique and attractive.

In addition, their installation is similar to the traditional locs by various techniques such as palm-rolling, twisting, and crochet.

The microlocs installation is easy by starting the locs with the twists and braids with any hair setting product such as hair wax or hair balm.

Microlocs hairstyle is easy to maintain as they grow with natural hair. Maintain the locs every 4-6 weeks, and you are good to go. For microlocs, maintenance interlocking and palm-rolling techniques are quite beneficial.

Difference between Sisterlocks and Microlocs

There is nothing to confuse between sisterlocks and microlocs as both have distinct differences in several ways, such as locs installation, thickness, and maintenance.

However, here are some significant differences that one must know before choosing between the sisterlocks and the other type of dreadlocks.

1: Interlocking tool

Sisterlocks are formally created using the interlocking tool, which creates rope-like structures and gives them the shape of locs without any hair product.

At the same time, microlocs are installed easily without any tool. Even you can install them yourself at home with some simple training. In addition, the microlocs don’t require expertise for installation.

2: Structure

Sisterlocks are dreads that have thinner structures as compared to other types of locs. As a result, their structures resemble the rope-like structure.

With the tool being used for this technique, the desired diameter can be easily attained in this hairstyle. Microlocs, on the other hand, can be extended by combining two microlocs to form bigger strands in the future.

3: Installation time

The installation time is one significant difference between the sisterlocks and other dreadlock types. Being less than a pencil in diameter, the sisterlocks take much time to install.

Although the installation time depends on the hair length, texture, and volume, the technique also matters.

Microlocs vs sisterlocks are easy to install and take less time, as only 2-4 hours are enough to install them with the coil technique.

4: Versatility

Another major difference between the sisterlocks and the microlocs is their versatility. Sisterlocks are thin and soft, so they can be easily molded and managed into various hairstyles.

Style these locs into various hairstyles, including braids, ponytails, and more. On the other hand, Microlocs, as compared to the sisterlocks, are more challenging to manage.

Being thick in diameter, they are challenging to handle for various styling options.

5: Maintenance

Although every type of dreadlock requires maintenance to attain good shape. In addition, the locs is a lifelong commitment that takes time, money, and energy.

Furthermore, different individuals experience different challenges during their locs journey. So, it is an important part of the events to take care of locs correctly.

For instance, microlocs on short hair being thick in diameter can accumulate buildup. It is needed to keep them neat and clean.

On the other hand, sisterlocks vs microlocs are thin and are prone to unravel easily after a few washes. So, one must take retwisting sessions to keep them in good shape.

Both locs microlocs and sisterlocks must be well moisturized, kept clean, and retwisted at a time to avoid inconvenience.

6: Cost

Another major difference between the microlocs and the sisterlocks is the cost. In the sisterlocks, 400 locs take much time and start from $500 and go to $1000. Again, the price depends upon your consultant’s training skills and experience.

Final words:

Dreadlocks of every type come with pros and cons that must be discussed before deciding. For example, if you have thin hair, you must go with the sisterlocks that look neat with rope-like structures.

Likewise, you must consider other factors such as the hair texture, hair length and thickness, freedom of styling, installation time, maintenance, installation cost, and other factors before choosing a certain type of locs.


Do Microlocs look like sisterlocks?

No, microlocs have a thick diameter as compared to the sisterlocks. Sisterlocks look like rope-like structures with thin diameters.

What is the point of Microlocs?

Microlocs are tinier than any other type of locs. They are easy to install and maintain. More versatile to style in different ways. Cost-effective than sisterlocks and do not require any installation tool.

What are the disadvantages of sisterlocks?

One of the demerits of this type is that the locs are asymmetrical and uneven partying. In addition, with hair growth, the locs become heavier than other types and reduce the locs styling options.

Last but not the least, the hair strands being thin in diameter, are prone to breakage.

What is the average cost of Microlocs?

The average microlocs installation cost is from $200 to$800. Furthermore, it depends upon various factors such as the training and experience of the loctician, the locs installation method, and hair length.


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