Tips To Ace Navratri Makeup Look

Navratri marks the beginning of these festivities in India. Apart from the religious significance, the nine-day-long festivities gives all the ladies a chance to dress in their best jewelry and attires. However, while your outfit may be on point, your makeup must stay in place throughout the hot and humid Garba nights. So here are some quick fixes for you to look dazzling and sweat-free throughout the night courtesy, Makeup Artist Damini Chaturvedi.

-Prep the skin well. Starting the makeup with well-prepped skin is the foremost important task! Since most of the Navratri events are outdoor, perfecting the prepping stage is imperative for the makeup to last longer! Thus, one must remember to follow their CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) routine!

-Primer is the key to look perfect! After the prepping stage, priming your face and eyelids is important to ensure that the makeup doesn’t enter your skin pores and make it look patchy.
The humid weather during Navratri can prove to be your enemy when you are all decked for any outdoor function. Thus, avoid layering your face with heavy concealers and foundations and rather go for sheer coverage. It is best to use water-based products.

-Do not forget to mattify your face using a loose/ translucent powder! Always remember- Less is More!
Pick one feature to highlight. It’s possible to pull off a strong eye and lip at the same time, but to keep the look balanced and easy to carry, it’s best to dramatize either the eyes or lips.

-Besides using an eyeshadow primer, use a damp brush to apply eyeshadow pigments. This allows the powder to stay in place. Always opt for shimmer-based eye shadows as they tend to last longer in comparison to matte-based ones.
Using Waterproof makeup such as waterproof eyeliner and mascara is extremely essential.

-Fake a glow by applying a powder highlighter just in the right areas. Highlighter shall not be overdone as it could make the face look oily and muddy.

-Use a long-lasting Lip color. A lip liner followed by matte lipstick will help your lip color last longer.

-Ensure to set your makeup with a setting spray as it holds the makeup in place and creates a protective layer that makes the makeup last longer even if the weather is hot and humid.

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