Second explosion reported in Kabul, near hotel where Americans gathered

Kabul [Afghanistan]: A second explosion struck Kabul on Thursday near a hotel in Afghanistan’s capital, where US citizens were gathering to be evacuated.
A second explosion took place after a suicide bombing earlier in the day near the gates of the Kabul airport, which killed at least 11 people and injured several including three US troops. Soon after the first explosion at Kabul airport, France Ambassador to Afghanistan had warned of a second possible explosion at the airport.
“To all our Afghan friends: If you are near the airport gates, getaway urgently and take shelter. A second explosion is possible,” tweeted French envoy David Martinon.
Earlier, Pentagon had confirmed reports of the first explosion outside from outside of the Hamid Karzai International Airport on Thursday.
“We can confirm an explosion outside Kabul airport. Casualties are unclear at this time. We will provide additional details when we can,” said John Kirby, Assistant to the US Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs.
According to a local reporter, a suicide attacker blew himself up in the middle of a large crowd and another attacker started shooting. “AFG Explosion took place outside of the eastern gate of airport and gunfire is underway. There are casualties and fatalities, multiple eyewitnesses tells me,” Afghan reporter Bilal Sarwary tweeted.
In recent days, Kabul airport has been witnessing chaotic scenes as people are reaching the airport in hurry to escape from the Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

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