Top 5 SEO Experts In Pakistan 2023 [ Talents Of The Country]

Top 5 SEO Experts in Pakistan for 2023 - kshvid
Top 5 SEO Experts in Pakistan for 2023

Pakistan’s digital community is rising; every business is jumping on the online bandwagon of success. Why? Because online platforms are giving business owners and freelancers a significant financial boost.

Additionally, with the help of an SEO expert, you can expect to double your income in just a few months.

Regardless of how you start a business, maintaining its flow and helping it stay on top of the search bar is where the natural talents come in. It’s common to worry thanks to a billion other companies and websites hosting and offering the same plans as you. Therefore, standing out from the crowd requires a lot of groundwork and experience.

In today’s blog, we will discuss the success and knowledge of some of Pakistan’s most prominent SEO experts and how you can also pitch in this good fortune to boost your website and finances to the next level.

5 Best SEO Experts In Pakistan

1. Salman Baig (Head Of SEO, Alibaba)

We cannot start this list without putting the man that made the whole country proud.

Salman Baig is the first Pakistani SEO specialist to get hired as a head of South Asia at Alibaba.

As a technical SEO expert and researcher, Salman has over 12 years of experience in the search engine field and continues to shine and be passionate about his work.

Moreover, he inspires and pushes other people to pursue the bigger fish in the sea like him. You can find many motivational posts and helpful tips on his LinkedIn profile.

As the head of Alibaba, Salman’s primary role involves overseeing and supervising the SEO strategy and implementation for one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world, spanning five central Asian countries and with millions of pages and users in various languages.

He applies his expertise in technical SEO, semantics, and strategic SEO to provide the firm’s business objectives and user needs with data-driven insights, creative solutions, and quantifiable outcomes.

Salman Baig

2- M Tanveer Nandla (Chief Executive Officer At Iskills)


Another prominent name in the circle of the country’s icon is M Tanveer Nandla. He is an experienced SEO strategist, Digital marketer, entrepreneur, and Speaker, which makes us wonder if there’s anything he cannot do. 

His professional resume is one for the books, and we can’t help but gush over his success and range as a digital personality. Moreover, he has worked as an SEO specialist at Urdu Point for six years and made a massive shift as the CEO of an online course at Iskills. 

You can get access to massive online courses and develop new skills ideal for all types of digital platforms. Learn how to make money as a freelancer or newbie business owner.

Make sure to check out his courses for in-depth SEO knowledge.

M. Tanveer Nandla

3- Asbar Ali (Youtuber With 100K Subscribers) 


With more than 15 years of experience, Asbar Ali is a social networking activist, influencer, independent contractor, business blogger, and digital marketing specialist. 

He has collaborated with the top UK internet companies for the past ten years to provide SEO services. 

Asbar is one of the most prosperous SEO experts, a community leader, an entrepreneur, and someone constantly eager to advance in life.

He has been creating and uniting internet groups for the past few years.

Through his free videos on Facebook and YouTube, he mentors young people on “How to Use the Power of Digital Marketing” and shares his thoughts, information, and experiences.

Moreover,  Asbar has been featured in several national and international forums and works to inform people about the value of digital marketing for businesses.

Asbar Ali

4- Ismail blogger (Affiliate Marketer)


One of the perks of being an expert at your job is helping others follow in your footsteps. That’s what you’ll find Ismail doing.

Who started by following the leads of his online mentors, such as Bilal Ahmad, Ismail is now an Affiliate Marketer, an avid YouTuber, Influencer, and SEO expert with ten years of knowledge and experience.

He’s teaching 105K+ people to make money online with zero experience. 

He’s one of the most humble and down-to-earth persons you’ll encounter on the digital platform. Which also plays a significant role in why people love to watch his videos. 

One of the most prominent domains of Ismail revolves around blogging and affiliate marketing. He has dozens of success stories where you can see him rooting and encouraging others to make over $800,000.

So, start watching his videos to learn how to make money from home. 

5- Muhammad Zeeshan Sidhu (Rising SEO Expert) 


With all these great personalities, it’s essential to note and bring forward rising talents. These people have the power to revolutionize the online world and bring something new to the table. Muhammad Zeeshan Sidhu is the perfect example when it comes to rising talent. 

He is one o the best SEO experts in Islamabad who developed his abilities by driving relevant traffic, increasing search engine ranks, and optimizing websites.

He has also effectively handled multiple SEO initiatives, assisting clients from various industries in reaching their digital marketing objectives.

His expertise is creating exciting and captivating content that appeals to viewers and fits well with search engine algorithms.

Moreover, you’ll find him passionate about increasing website visibility, creating quality leads, and increasing conversions by carefully researching keywords, optimizing the page, and strategically creating links.

With the hard work he puts into his projects, it’s safe to bet Muhammad Zeeshan Sidhu will be the next big thing. So, if you’re looking for a powerful, hardworking, and committed SEO expert, hit him up! 

Muhammad Zeeshan Sidhu - SEO Expert In Pakistan

Wrapping It Up! 


There you have it, folks! We’ve done our fair share of research before finalizing this list. As we all know, the country is loaded with talent and individuals who will shape the future of SEO and everything digital in Pakistan. However, cramming them all in a list is next to Impossible. 

Therefore, this blog focuses on helping everyone by listing people with a higher international reach who can mentor, consult, and motivate you to push your limits while also focusing on specialists who can significantly boost your website. 

Furthermore, if you love this blog, use KSHVID for more entertaining, informative, and fun-filled blogs to accentuate your knowledge.

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