Pakistan opposition leader Bilawal Bhutto vows to continue protest till ouster of Imran Khan govt

Islamabad [Pakistan]: Opposition party leader and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari has said that his party’s campaign against price hike, unemployment and poverty will continue till the ouster of the Imran Khan government.
Bilawal made these remarks at gatherings of party workers on Monday in Sindh province, Dawn newspaper reported. Pakistan opposition parties have been staging protests in cities throughout the country urging people to join forces to “overthrow” Imran Khan’s PTI government amid rising inflation.
Workers of the PPP on the call of the party chairman Bilawal, staged protests in Islamabad and Rawalpindi last week against the rise in poverty, unemployment and inflation.
The PPP party workers raised slogans against the Imran Khan government.
The PPP chairman called last weeks’ protest campaign a success and said the second phase would be announced shortly. He said protests, rallies and demonstrations would continue till the “selected government is sent packing”.
Furthermore, the opposition leader stated that people were unable to send their children to schools and afford medical treatment due to the unprecedented price hike.
Bilawal also rebuked the Imran Khan government for failing to save people’s houses from demolition. “The masses are suffering due to flawed and directionless economic policies of the government,” he was quoted as saying by Dawn.
Last week, PPP General Secretary Syed Nayyar Hussain Bukhari hit out at the energy minister for his comment of Pakistan being a cheap country in the region and said that he is making fun of the poor people.
In 38 months, the miseries of the people have multiplied and they can hardly make ends meet,” Dawn quoted Bukhari as saying.
The rise in the price of per kilo vegetable ghee in Pakistan has been 27 per cent consecutively for the last three years. The price of cooking oil has shot up to 23per cent, Sugar to 22per cent and pulse to 21 per cent since October 2018. The rise in the flour price each year since 2018 has been 15per cent, according to Dawn.
Meanwhile, the food inflation of Pakistan has remained in the double digits for the last two years barring a couple of months.

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