Our policy is to provide safety to all residents in Afghanistan including minorities: Top Taliban leader to Sikhs

Kabul [Afghanistan]: The Taliban government’s policy is to provide safety and security for all residents in Afghanistan including minorities, said a top leader of the Afghan group on Thursday.
During his meeting with Sikh members here on Thursday, the Taliban’s Deputy Prime Minister Abdul Salam Hanafi said that all people living in Afghanistan will be provided security. He stressed that it is the Taliban’s policy to provide safety to all including minorities. Narender Singh Khalsa, a Sikh politician in Afghanistan, was also present in the meeting. He flew back from Delhi last week.

India evacuated hundreds of people including Sikhs from Afghanistan in August when Kabul fell to the Taliban and the country’s government was collapsed.
Rights groups have said that Sikhs and other minorities are not safe in Afghanistan especially following the Taliban’s emergence to power in Kabul.
However, the Afghan group has been repeatedly assuring that it will provide safety and security to minorities in the country.

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