Observe Protest day on July 23 against EDSO : AIBEA to Office bearers, state federations

Observe Protest day on July 23 against EDSO : AIBEA to Office bearers, state federations

Hyderabad, Jul 11 (UNI) All India Bank Employees’ Association (AIBEA) has given a call to all its Office Bearers, State Federations and All India Bankwise Organizations to observe ‘Protest Day’ on July 23 in protest against draconian Essential Defence Services Ordinance – EDSO against ban on strikes in Defence sector and Ordnance factories and to express solidarity with the defence sector employees.

In a ciruclar, AIBEA General Secretary Ch Venkatachalam late on Saturday night said our members are aware of the continued attempts of the Central Government to Corporatise the 41 Ordnance Factories belonging to the Government with a view to privatise them.

Against the decision of the Government, last year, all the employees working in the Ordnance Factories and Defence sector jointly gave the call for strike for 30 days. The Chief Labour Commissioner intervened and during the discussion the Government said that employees cannot go on strike during pendency of conciliation.

Unions also said that pending conciliation, Government should not go ahead with their proposed decision. Thus, the strike was deferred and the issue was referred for review.

However, in last month, suddenly, the conciliation was closed as failure and immediately Government proceeded with corporatisation of the Ordnance Factories and to make them into 7 corporations.

Against this nakedly unfair action, the Unions protested and on June 20 they gave the call for Indefinite Strike from July 19 2021.

On June 30 2021, the Government has promulgated the Essential Defence Service Ordinance (EDSO), Mr Venkatachalam said.

He said in terms of this Ordinance, going on strike will result in dismissal and punishment of imprisonment for one or two years besides fine.

‘In a democratic country like India, right to protest against any adverse decisions of the Union Government is a natural right and curbing the same with such draconian measures in unacceptable and high-handed. It needs to be opposed tooth and nail’, the top union leader asserted.

Defence sector employees are preparing for a grim struggle against these measures of the Government. While we strongly condemn the Ordinance, we express our total support and solidarity with the employees and workers in the Defence sector and Ordnance Factories.

To express the support of entire trade union movement, all the Central Trade Unions have given the joint call to observe July 23 as a protest day, he added.

Mr Venkatachalam called upon office bearers, state federations and all India Bankwise Organizations to protest by wearing badges on that day.

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