Naqvi hits out at Opposition for holding protest march

New Delhi, Aug 12: Hitting out at Congress and other Opposition parties for holding a protest march from Parliament to Vijay Chowk, Union Minister and Deputy Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi on Thursday accused the Opposition parties of displaying ‘hypocrisy on the streets’.

‘The Congress and some other Opposition parties have committed ‘a sin of spreading pollution in the Parliament and political hypocrisy on the streets’ during the Monsoon Session. This is called ‘Chori aur Seena Zori’,’ Mr Naqvi told reporters here.

‘Those Opposition parties, who have converted the House into ‘ring of their arrogance and anarchy’ are now displaying ‘hypocrisy on the streets’,’ the Union Minister said.

‘Those Opposition parties which were roaming around with ‘washing machine to wash out the House’ from the first day of the Monsoon Session, are today preaching about rules, principles and Parliamentary traditions,’ the Union Minister said.

Mr Naqvi said that earlier, the Congress and the other Opposition parties had demanded that Prime Minister Narendra Modi convene an all-party meeting to discuss efforts being made to tackle the Corona pandemic. ‘But, when the Prime Minister called the all-party meeting, these parties boycotted that meeting,’ the Union Minister said.

Mr Naqvi said that then, these Opposition parties demanded that the issues of farmers be discussed. ‘But, instead of discussing farmers’ issues, these political parties were engaged in vandalism and scuffle in the House,’ the Union Minister said.

The Deputy Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha said the Government, from the day one of the Monsoon Session, had made it clear that it was ready for positive and constructive discussion on all the issues. ‘But, the Opposition parties continued with their ‘Competition of Commotion’,’ the Union Minister said.

‘In their ‘contest to become champion of irresponsible politics’, many Opposition parties have now resorted to violence in the House,’ Mr Naqvi said.

‘Some Opposition parties’ MPs are saying that they will do such violence for a hundred times,’ the Union Minister said.

‘We demand that such a strict action be taken against these Members so that they have to think for a hundred times before committing such a ‘shameful crime’ of ‘Polluting the Temple of Democracy’,’ the Deputy Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha said.

Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi, along with other Opposition leaders, on Thursday accused the government of bringing outsiders dressed as marshals in Rajya Sabha and physically assaulting MPs, after Members of several Opposition parties marched from Parliament House to Vijay Chowk holding placards.

Opposition MPs have alleged they were assaulted by the marshals, while the government has accused them of misbehaving with the security personnel. Government also denied calling ‘outsiders’ in the House.

“As far as 60 per cent of the country is concerned, there has been no Parliament session. Voice of 60 per cent of this country has been crushed, humiliated, and yesterday in the Rajya Sabha, physically beaten,” Mr Gandhi said.

“We asked the government to debate Pegasus (snooping row). The government refused to debate Pegasus. We raise the issue of farm laws, and price rise outside the Parliament because we are not allowed (to do so) inside Parliament. Today we have come here to speak to you because we are not allowed to speak in Parliament,” he said.

“This is nothing short of murder of democracy of this country,” he said.

The stormy Monsoon session came to an end on Wednesday, two days ahead of schedule. Rajya Sabha witnessed Opposition protests during the passing of the Insurance Bill, which the Opposition wanted to be discussed on the next day.

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