Karnataka’s New Covid Travel Protocols For Travellers From Kerala

In a new ruling, the Karnataka government has exempted certain travellers from Kerala from mandatory seven-day institutional quarantine, provided that they have a short-term travel plan. The new rule says that such short term travellers should be in Karnataka for three days.

The rule is applicable to travellers who are in Karnataka for examination with one parent; passengers who are in transit from or to Kerala through any desired mode of transport; health care professionals, and their spouses; constitutional functionaries; children who are below two years of age; and those who are in need of emergency medical treatment, or have a death in the family.

On the other hand, students and employees coming to Karnataka are required to show an RT-PCR negative certificate that is valid for one week. Such certificates should not be older than 72 hours. This is irrespective of whether these travellers have had one dose or both the doses.

A circular that was issued yesterday says that all necessary arrangements are required to be made for seven-day institutional quarantine of students from Kerala The arrangements should be made by the administrators of the educational institutions, and respective employers for their students and employees.

It was also mentioned in the circular that employees must be in institutional quarantine, and under no circumstances should be in home quarantine. At the end of the seven-day period, they shall be tested.

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