India outlines priorities as UNSC president; will keep spotlight on Secretary General’s report on IS terrorists, says Ambassador, TS Tirumurti

New York [US]: As India assumed the rotating presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), Ambassador of India to the United Nations, TS Tirumurti on Monday (local time) said India hopes to keep the spotlight on the Secretary-General’s report on the Islamic State (IS) terrorists. In an exclusive interview with ANI, TS Tirumurti said, “We have never failed to highlight the manifestations of terrorist activities across the world, especially now for example in Africa, where it is increasing. So we hope to discuss the Secretary General’s report on ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant) and Daesh (ISIS) and keep the spotlight on this matter.”
The rolling presidency means starting today India has the power to decide the agenda for the month of August and during India’s presidency in the UNSC India will focus on the themes of maritime security, peacekeeping, and counter-terrorism and preside over three high-level signature events on these issues.
“I think maritime security discussion is a first. And, you know, maritime security has always received a very high priority in our foreign policy. We believe that it is time for the Security Council to take a holistic approach to the issue of maritime security, that safeguards common prosperity and other security interest,” ambassador Tirumurti added.
Elaborating on the agenda of peacekeeping, Tirumurti told ANI, “We will be focusing on how to ensure the safety of the peacekeepers, but especially by using better technology, and also how to bring perpetrators of crimes against peacekeepers to justice. We are strongly advocating for proactive measures to what we call as to protect the protectors.”
On the agenda of counter-terrorism, India’s top envoy to the UN stated that “India has consistently kept the spotlight on combating terrorism, both inside the discussions in the council and outside as well. We are not only strengthened the efforts to combat terrorism, especially for example in the financing of terrorism but we are also prevented efforts to dilute the focus on terrorism.
It’s been seven months since India entered the security council and on August 1. India assumed the rotating presidency of the 15-nation UNSC. This is India’s first presidency during its 2021-22 tenure as a non-permanent member of the Security Council and is also. India’s eight tenure so far. India will again preside over the Council in December next year, the last month of its two-year tenure.
Ambassador Tirumurti in the interview also said over the past seven months India had a good working relationship with all of the permanent five (P5) countries. And the country is also coordinating very closely with all the elected members as well. India took over the presidency from France on Sunday. Post the presidency rollover France said it is committed to working with India on strategic issues–maritime security and counter-terrorism while Russia congratulated and said it is “truly impressed”.
Reacting to the support that India received, Ambassador Tirumurti said, “Overall I can see with the degree of confidence that we have only received support and cooperation from everyone in the council, and we do hope and expect that this support will continue this month as well.”
India will again preside over the Council in December next year, the last month of its two-year tenure.

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