Best options for keeping your ring firmly on your finger

How To Keep Your Ring From Spinning
How do you stop a ring from spinning on your finger

It’s not only annoying if your wedding or engagement ring continues to rotate on your finger. You might lose it if it were to slip off. There are several ways to repair this issue, including short-term treatments that will hold your ring in place for the day and long-term ones that will eliminate your concern about how to keep your ring from spinning.

But first, let’s look at the typical reasons rings spin and all the options for keeping them firmly on your finger.

What Are the Reasons for a Spinning Ring?

Understanding the root cause of your spinning ring is the first step in coming up with the best remedy.

Sometimes there is just one offender, while other times, there are several causes for the discomfort. The reason will determine the precise remedy.

Here are Our top picks:

  1. Setting is Unbalanced
  2. Bigger Size Than Your Finger
  3. Swelling Fingers
  4. Large Knuckles

1. Setting is Unbalanced

A ring with an unbalanced weight has the propensity to spin. For instance, your ring will tend to lean to one side if it contains a heavier gemstone than the band.

No matter how many times you tweak it, gravity will continue pushing this object to one side.

To solve this issue, the thin band must swap out for one sturdy enough to hold the stone intact. You specifically want a band with a base that is bigger or thicker than the top.

Although it might not be as stylish as you want, it is preferable to the ring whirling or perhaps coming off your finger.

2. Bigger Size Than Your Finger

Your ring may be one or two sizes too large. It’s constantly the most typical reason. Most individuals find selecting the proper ring size challenging and end up with a beauty that needs to be bigger to fit properly.

To prevent this, check if your ring and finger are touching each other.

3. Swelling Fingers

Your fingers frequently swell throughout the day. Therefore, the fit will vary based on the time of day since it may cause your finger to be half a ring size larger.

The ring fits looser at other times of the day since the size was selected when they were swollen.

When your hand has had a constant temperature for a while, it is ideal for measuring your finger or putting on rings.

4. Large Knuckles

It’s the most frequent cause of why finding the perfect ring for you is so challenging for many individuals.

Your ring will fit nicely around your knuckle if you have little fingers and large knuckles, but it gets fairly loose if it drops below that.

If the ring is made to suit the finger, it will be challenging to put on and take off because it will get caught around the knuckle.

How To Keep Rings From Spinning

  1. Ring Snuggies
  2. Clip-on ring adjuster to hold rings together
  3. DIY stop ring from spinning

Let’s explore a few options that can help keep rings in place.

1. Ring Snuggies

Ring snuggies are quick and affordable ring-sizing solutions that guarantee a snug fit on any finger. The snuggies are especially appropriate for those with larger knuckles since they make it possible to put them on or wear them after wearing the ring.

2. Clip-on ring adjuster to hold rings together

Ring adjusters are simple to find online, and if you can’t find them there, visit a jewellery store where you’ll undoubtedly find them. Ring adjusters are specially made to fit snugly around the band of a ring that is just a little bit big. Some ring sizes are sufficiently flexible to wrap around two bands.

3. DIY stop ring from spinning

Wrap your ring with an elastic band, thread, bandage, or piece of adhesive tape if you need a quick repair. As a result, these DIY fixes can create space between the finger, the ring is filled, and friction is produced, preventing the ring from moving too much.

How do I keep my rings from spinning without soldering

If you wish always to wear your rings together, get a ring guard. A ring guard often called an insert ring, is a single ring with a split band.

A solitaire engagement ring can be inserted between the two parts of a ring guard so that you can wear the entire set together. Wedding bands that double as elegant ring protectors.

How to fix a spinning ring

Your spinner ring can stop creaking or grinding by regularly applying lubricant. After cleaning your ring, if it still squeaks or is challenging to spin, consider applying lubricant between the inner and outer bands.

How to keep a solitaire ring from spinning

Small plastic tubes put over a ring to hold it are called ring guards (called ring noodles). The main benefit is that it’s far less expensive than resizing your ring.

It is painless, comfortable, and simple to adjust, and it doesn’t scrape or harm the ring in any way. For those with big knuckles, the Ring Noodle should get put on after wearing your ring.

How to keep wedding rings from spinning

Bring the ring back to your jeweller and get it resized for a permanent fix. Most jewellers provide a minimum of one free resizing within a specific time frame following the date of purchase.

If you cannot take it to the same jewellers, practically any quality jeweller should be able to perform this task for you. It’s crucial to remember that the ring should fit snuggly over the knuckle. Ensure that the knuckle is examined while measuring your finger, not just the finger itself.

Resizing a ring is only sometimes possible, particularly if it has a channel, micro paves, or tension setting. One of the choices listed below may be better appropriate in this situation.

How to keep stacked rings from spinning

As was already noted, whether a single ring or a stack of rings, a ring with a too-heavy centre stone will always tip off and spin around awkwardly.

It would help if you counterbalanced the ring by putting more metal at the base to keep it from spinning.

The method works best for you if the band on your engagement ring is thin and doesn’t need much more metal. The good news is that most contemporary ring designs now include this choice.

The height of the stone will only matter a little if your ring is composed of fine jewels.

In particular, for rings with larger and heavier centre stones, the greatest ring setting for your heavy and imbalanced setting would be to include choices like the angular and thicker settings that prevent the ring from spinning.


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