Goa Wants ‘Rich Tourist’ Says Tourism Minister

Goa’s Tourism Minister has commented about the type of tourist that Goa expects to have. According to him, Goa wants the richest tourists, and not those who cook food in buses. The minister further said that tourists who ruin the beauty of Goa, and consume drugs are not welcomed here. He further stressed on the fact that Goa is open for all tourists, however, all tourists must respect the culture of Goa.

Goa, which is one of the most coveted destinations in the country, is seeing a surge in budget tourists. It has been noted that many tourists are hiring buses and cooking food along the roads, and in tourism areas. The government took a decision to ban cooking in public, and has declared it an offence.

The minister said, “We do not want tourists who consume drugs. We do not want tourists who ruin Goa. We do not want tourists who cook food in buses in Goa. We want richest tourists. We want tourists who respect our culture, heritage and Goan-ness. We welcome tourists, but they should enjoy Goa within the limits of culture and tradition.”

The minister emphasised on the fact that Goa does not have any space for drug abusers. The minister said that Goa is against drugs, the government is against it, he is against drugs, and also the Chief Minister is against it.

Goa has opened up for tourism, and has announced resuming of charter flights.

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