Czech Communist Party leader to step down after 16 years at the helm, says his Deputy

Prague [Czech Republic]: The leader of the Czech Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM), Vojtech Filip, will leave the post he has occupied for 16 years after the parliamentary elections of October 8-9, his deputy said on Monday.
“Vojtech Filip decided not to run for the Communist Party head at the extraordinary party congress on October 23. The main candidate for the KSCM leader is, by all appearances, member of the European Parliament Katerina Konecna, but, of course, she will not be the only candidate. Regional party conferences are now taking place, and it is highly likely that they will nominate interesting candidates for the KSCM leadership,” Petr Simunek told reporters. Filip’s resignation was considered by the KSCM central committee in April. At the meeting, over half of the party delegates voted for a change of leadership but fell short of two-thirds of the central committee.
Apart from heading the Communist party, Filip has served as a member of the Czech parliament, a deputy head of the parliament, and the first deputy parliament speaker at different periods in his career.

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