Chinese army has gone down to Hooliganism and street fighting: Ex Army Chief

New Delhi [India]: The Indian Army keeps a “professional position” in war and also prefer to open fire than consider “wielding clubs,” said former Chief of Military Staff General MM Naravane in a recommendation to the Chinese military taking part in fisticuffs with Indian soldiers in Galwan valley as well as most recently in Arunachal’s Tawang.

General Naravane asked if the Chinese military (People’s Liberation Military) has actually dropped to the level of “prehistoric times” by utilizing “clubs and barbed cables”.
His comments came days after the Chinese army attempted to change the status on the Line of Actual Control in the Tawang industry of Arunachal Pradesh on December 9 through a faceoff with the Indian troops, in which they were pushed back by the Indian Military without enduring any casualties.

” We would certainly still such as to preserve that we are a 21st-century Army. To begin going back to clubs as well as barbed wires is returning to primitive times. It is an extremely regressive method of going. We would certainly still such as to keep that in warfare additionally there are particular policies. It is not that you do whatever you intend to do. We would certainly still such as to preserve an expert position. Consequently, instead of consider wielding clubs, we rather open fire,” he claimed in ‘Podcast with Smita Prakash’.

” That is just how a military battles by utilizing the weapons available and not getting into fisticuffs. Are we thugs or mafia? We are specialist. Is that the degree PLA has decreased to? Hooliganism and also streetfighting? Or they are a specialist 21st-century military? On one side they attempt to reveal their technical expertise, on the other side they are including barbed cord clubs. It is absurd,” the former Army Chief said.

Discussing the Galwan valley clash in 2020 in which 20 Indian soldiers lost their lives and several Chinese soldiers were additionally killed, General Naravane claimed that the Indian Military countered them in the same way that was made use of against it.

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