10 Reasons Why Eyes Hurt When I Blink

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Are your eyes itchy, sore, and feel like they’re on fire? You might be suffering from dry eye syndrome. Dry eye is a fairly common condition that can affect anyone, but the risk increases with age due to the natural aging process. Even if you are young, you may still be prone to dry eye if you work in an environment with low humidity or spend long hours at a computer. It can be a prime reason why my eyes hurt when I blink?

The eyes are home to many sensitive structures that help us see clearly. The lids keep the eyeball safe from external elements like dust and UV rays while supplying moisture and oils for the delicate corneas.

Without these essential components, your eyes would become extremely dry and painful when exposed to light.

Fortunately, most common dry eye symptoms are easy to manage with simple measures such as humidifiers and artificial tears. Let’s look at some main reasons your eyes hurt when you blink.

10 Common Reasons Why Eyes Hurt When I Blink

Here are a few of the most common reasons that can cause eye pain

  1. Conjunctivitis
  2. Blepharitis
  3. Stye
  4. Cluster Headaches
  5. Optic Neuritis
  6. Dry Eye Syndrome
  7. Sinusitis
  8. Corneal Ulcer
  9. Chemical Burns
  10. Eye Debris

Why Do My Eyes hurt when I blink After Wearing Contacts?

Even those who do not wear contact lenses are susceptible to keratitis (Corneal Ulcer), which frequently occurs from incorrect contact lens care.

Keratitis episodes are far more likely to occur in those who wear contact lenses while sleeping and don’t clean or change their lenses as prescribed.

People who wear lenses that have not gotten fitted correctly to their eyes, such as decorative costume lenses, are also more likely to get keratitis.

Getting your contact lenses appropriately fitted is crucial for maintaining the health of your eyes just for this reason.

Why do my Eyes Hurt When I Blink After eyelash extensions?

The chemicals and substances in the glues used to attach eyelash extensions to your natural lashes may irritate or hurt you.

You can suffer adverse effects if there’s a chemical reaction used in the procedure.

Some of the side effects include the following symptoms:

  1. Bloodshot eyes, which can be extremely painful
  2. Searing irritation
  3. Rash; ocular or eyelid inflammation; and redness.

Why do my eyes hurt when I blink, sensitive to light?

Bright lights cause disturbance to people suffering from light sensitivity. This illness is also known as photophobia. It’s a typical symptom that can get linked to various illnesses, from minor irritations to life-threatening emergencies.

Mild cases cause you to squint inside or outside in brightly light spaces. When your eyes get exposed to nearly any light, this condition can result in significant pain.

My eyes hurt when I blink after waking up.

When you wake up, your eyes usually hurt because they are dry. In the United States, almost 5 million people suffer from dry eye.

Your eyes will likely dry out during the night if your eyes suffer when you wake up every day. It occurs because your eyelids do not close completely when you sleep, and you don’t produce enough tears to lubricate your eyes.

Your eyes may also be puffy, itchy, or bloodshot, in addition to pain and discomfort.

My eyes Hurt When I blink, and Blurry Vision.

Your eyes need tears to lubricate, hydrate, and protect them; even when you’re asleep, you’re still making tears.

However, sometimes, your night-time tears may dry on the surface of your eyes, resulting in morning vision that is foggy and unclear. After waking up, blinking a few times helps remoisten your cornea and eliminate blurriness.

Why do my eyes hurt when I Blink After Surgery?

Extremely rarely and not generally expected, LASIK surgery can cause eye pain when blinking. However, it’s normal to experience some mild discomfort and soreness.

The discomfort may feel itchy or even burn, but most often, people experience something that feels like there is something foreign in their eye.

During the first several hours following surgery, patients may also experience excessive tearing and light sensitivity.

My eyes hurt when I blink Swollen Eyelid.

If your eyelids hurt or are sensitive to touch, an infection or chalazion is probably at blame (stye). Your swollen eyelid’s reason affects your therapy options. Thus it’s critical to ascertain it.

If non-infectious aspects such as allergies or fluids are the root, there’s a remedy to cure swollen eyelids at home.

Another thing that you need to be aware of, is both eyes may enlarge if these are the causes.

How do my eyes hurt when I blink feel bruised but have no swelling

Styes and chalazia, accidents, infections, and issues with contact lenses are some of the potential causes of painful eyelids. Eyelid pain typically resolves on its own without medical intervention.

However, if a person’s vision is compromised, their symptoms are severe, or they do not get better, they should see a doctor or an eye doctor.

Sometimes, It’s common to experience pain without swelling because the problem may occur on the inside. Therefore, It’s always wise to consult an eye specialist.

My eyes hurt when I blink, and Red.

Conjunctivitis, as mentioned above, has another name mainly; pinkeye.

The clear conjunctiva covers the eyeball surface by turning it red, swollen, and infected, resulting in this disorder. Blinking could hurt, and your eyes might feel gritty and uncomfortable.

Eye pain when blinking – How to cure

Lastly, let’s dive into some helpful cures for all the pain you may experience.

You can find some relief at home or the pharmacy if you only have minor blinking pain and no other symptoms. You might try:

  • The use of a humidifier
  • compressed heat
  • Iris drops
  • Sunlight that is too bright to use sunglasses
  • when using displays, adjusting the illumination
  • Frequently stepping away from screens
  • Think about upgrading your prescription for eyewear.
  • Optometric assistants can walk you through your symptoms.

It’s crucial to identify and treat vision problems early on if your eyes hurt when blinking for a long time. It could be a sign of serious issues.

If your symptoms worsen or last for more than 24 hours, especially if you are also suffering other symptoms like:

  • Sensitivity to light
  • Difficulty shifting your eyes
  • Swelling of the lash line or eyelids
  • Sensitivity in the sinus area

Final Words

To sum it up, we hope everyone makes sure their eyes receive prompt, high-quality care before any damage occurs because eyesight is a crucial aspect of life. We can’t risk losing such a precious gift so quickly.

Hence, If you’re suffering from any of the symptoms mentioned above or causes, we strongly urge you to get urgent help or take necessary precautions. Although it may not seem important initially, ignoring the symptoms may prove dangerous in the long run.


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