US lawmaker introduces articles of impeachment on Biden for abusing power to aid his son

Washington [US]: US Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene on Friday introduced articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden to the House of Representatives for allegedly abusing his power to aid his son Hunter Biden.
“I have introduced House Res. 57. These are articles of impeachment on President Joe Biden for abuse of power in regards to his willingness to use his position of power to aid his son Hunter Biden in their business dealings,” Greene said on the US House floor. Greene also said that she introduced separate articles of impeachment regarding Biden’s mishandling of the situation on the US-Mexico border, his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and his COVID-19 eviction moratorium.
James Comer, the top Republican on the US House Oversight Committee, issued a letter in September in which he asked the owner of a New York art gallery to provide a list of customers who bought Hunter Biden’s artwork due to concerns that the purchases were being used to avoid foreign sanctions.
Comer also raised concerns about Hunter Biden’s connection to the White House, his network of foreign associates, and the fact Georges Berges – the owner of the New York art gallery that sold Hunter’s work – had expressed a desire to be the “lead guy” in China’s burgeoning art world.

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