Taapsee Pannu Says, ‘I Don’t Have A Problem With Kangana Ranaut’

Taapsee Pannu has said that she might not hesitate to greet Kangana Ranaut if and while she encounters her.

Taapsee and Kangana have had Twitter wars in the past after Kangana and her sister Rangoli Chandel called Taapsee ‘B-grade’ actor and a ‘sasti copy’ of Kangana.

It was in March 2021, that Kangana called Taapsee a ‘sasti’ (reasonably priced) and her tweet also talked about the earnings tax cases towards her and filmmaker Anurag Kashyap. Kangana’s sister Rangoli had labelled Taapsee as a ‘sasti copy (reasonably-priced imitation)’ of Kangana in a separate social media post.

Reminded approximately the announcement and requested if she ever met Kangana, Taapsee instructed The Lallatop, “What do I even (say). I do now not experience horrific anymore. I don’t recognize it, in reality. I met her at the screening of Pink when I had simply joined the industry, so it was more of simply greeting a visitor, pronouncing ‘hi there’, and ‘thanks’.

“If there’s a scenario in which she is in front of me, then I will say hi.

Mai muh fira ke nahi jaungi. Mujhe thodi problem hai, problem usey hai. So uski marzi. Mujhe starting me jhatka lagta hai, wo itni acchi actor hain…kyuki apne kisi ko pedestal pe rakha (I won’t turn away from her, I do not have a problem with her, she has a problem. It will be her wish. I was shocked at first because she is a good actor and I kept her on a pedestal). When I was called a sasti copy, I was like, ‘she is such a good actress’, I took it as a compliment.” Taapsee added.

In a previous interview, Taapse had claimed that Kangana become ‘irrelevant’ to her life. “No, I do not pass over her… She’s an actor; she’s a colleague that admires. But more than that, she doesn’t keep any relevance in my lifestyle. I have no feelings for her, right or horrific…” she stated.

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