Sidney Poitier’s Memorial Will Be Private Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Washington [US], January 22 (ANI): Sidney Poitier’s memorial service will be a private affair in the wake of rising coronavirus cases.

Sidney’s family shared a statement revealing details of the late actor and director’s memorial ceremony, reported The Hollywood Reporter. “The Poitier family so appreciates the wonderful outpouring of love, support and affection for Sidney. There have been many inquiries about an event to honor his life. At this time, due to the coronavirus pandemic, a private memorial service has been arranged for the family with the possibility of a more public memorial service should the virus’ numbers subside in the near future,” the statement read.

Sidney, who broke through racial barriers as the first Black winner of the best actor Oscar for his role in ‘Lilies of the Field’, died at age 94 on January 6.

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