Rani Mukerji’s First Song ‘Shubho Shubho’ From ‘Mrs Chatterjee VS Norway’ Out

The first song, Shubho Shubho, from Rani Mukerji’s upcoming movie Mrs Chatterjee VS Norway was dropped on Friday. The phrase ‘shubho’ in Bengali implies auspiciousness. The tune correctly translates it rightfully while showcasing part of the Indian way of life as Debika Chatterjee (played by using Rani) and her husband (played with the aid of Anirban Bhattacharya) move to Norway in the film.

The music encapsulates their emotions and feelings as they embark on their new journey away from home, something each Indian transferring overseas can relate to. Shubho Shubho offers a timeline of Debika’s journey within the new country. She actions international locations to start her new married existence with her husband and attempts to keep her Indian roots amid the cultural distinction.

The music is sung via Altamash Faridi. It is penned by Kausar Munir and scored by music composer Amit Trivedi. The tune seemingly takes region earlier than the significant shift that shakes the family as the government takes their youngsters away.

Regarding the melody of Shubho Shubho and its connection to her roots, Rani Mukerji stated in an announcement, “Being a Bengali, I’m concerned about the representation of my roots and my lifestyle in mainstream Hindi cinema. My heart is full that I even performed a Bengali individual in Mrs Chatterjee Vs Norway and showcased the spirit of a fierce Bengali mom in the movie. What I genuinely love about the film is that it has tried to represent the culture of West Bengal in various endearing methods, such as the saris that I wear, the manner Bengalis celebrate Durga Puja, the way I have spoken Bengali, and even the truth that the songs have Bengali lyrics, the contact of Baul music and the presence of Dhaak (Bengali drum) & Shankh (Conch Shell) – which might be intrinsic to Bengali people track. It is commendable that song composer Amit Trivedi and lyricist Kausar Munir aren’t Bengalis, yet they’ve shown so much sensitivity to symbolize my lifestyle and roots so brilliantly. Cinema today is all about the synchronicity of cultures and traditions, and I’m proud that my film is showcasing the authenticity unabashedly.”

“The lyrics of the track Shubho Shubho is unique to the movie. The word ‘Shubho’ is like my man or woman Debika’s son’s name in the movie- ‘Shubh’, which means auspicious in Bangla. So certainly, it’s far very unique and auspicious for us to drop the primary song with the phrase Shubho as a part of the mukhda!! It makes me truly satisfied as a Bengali to share a slice of my way of life with all Indians worldwide via this lovely tune”, Rani delivered.

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