Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Recreate Their Wedding At ‘Donda’ Listening Event

For the Chicago listening session of ‘Donda’ recently, rapper Kanye West appeared to relive his wedding to ex-wife Kim Kardashian and fans couldn’t believe their eyes.

Kanye’s long-awaited album’s third listening party featured plenty of guest appearances including musicians DaBaby and Marilyn Manson, for which the rapper came under fire. But fans got excited when his ex-wife Kim appeared wearing a wedding dress at the event.

According to E! News, the audience at the event was stunned by the final song when Kanye appeared to be set on fire and then was greeted by a woman, who wore a Balenciaga Couture wedding gown and a veil covering her face–which was indeed the rapper’s ex-wife Kim.

With her face covered with a veil, the beauty mogul, in a viral video could be seen stepping out in a bridal dress during the final song of the night ‘No Child Left Behind’.

Kim’s sisters, Kylie Jenner and Khloe Kardashian, also reacted to the moment on their social media handles.

Kylie, who is expecting her second child with Travis Scott, took to her Instagram Story and shared a string of snaps of the special Kim-Kanye moment.

Meanwhile, Khloe took to her Twitter handle at the end of the night to post, “insanely beautiful!!!”
E! News also obtained a viral video posted by a fan account, in which Kanye and the bride could be seen holding hands as they made their way out of the venue after the album had finished playing.

Apart from this, Kanye’s event brought plenty of other shockers. Fans observed that contributions from both Jay-Z and Kid Cudi, which were heard during previous versions of the album, were not included in this third listening event.

The major surprising contributions were from DaBaby and Marilyn Manson. DaBaby, who recently faced backlash over homophobic comments he made earlier this summer appeared to replace Jay-Z with his verse. He was captured standing on the replica of Kanye’s childhood home’s porch at the stadium.

Meanwhile, Marilyn was also seen standing on the porch of the home throughout the event, reported E! News.

Marilyn has been facing several lawsuits, alleging him of rape and physical assault. In May, he was accused by a former partner of rape and assault, and in February, he denied other allegations of abuse against him.

Another star who joined the porch was dancehall singer Shenseea. The singer posted an image of herself on her Instagram Story after the event.

As per E! News, one song that was missing from the latest version of the album was one in which Kanye sang about losing his family, which was heard during both of the previous listening events.
The first listening event was held at Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium on July 22, and the second was held at the same venue on August 5.

Kim was a spectator in the crowd for the first two events, joined by the couple’s kids- 8-year-old North West, 5-year-old Saint West, 3-year-old Chicago West, and 2-year-old Psalm West.

‘Donda’ is named after the Grammy winner’s late mother Donda West, who died at the age of 58 following plastic surgery complications in 2007.

With an original release date set in 2020, then on July 23, 2021, and again on August 6, 2021, it is still unclear when the official album of ‘Donda’ will drop.

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