Karakul, Royal Cap Of Kashmir, The Symbol Of Honour & Dignity For Kashmiris

Srinagar (Jammu and Kashmir) [India]: The traditional cap utilized by the human beings of Kashmir is referred to as Qaraqal within the neighborhood language. Considered to be the royal cap of Kashmir, it’s the image of honour and dignity for Kashmiris.

The term Karakul comes from the ‘Karakul’ breed of sheep native to Central or Western Asia. As the name indicates, this cover is made from sheep and goat wool. This cap crafted from the pores and skin of a Karakul lamb could be trendy in Kashmir. This fur has a soft, curly texture, a velvety sense, and a smooth sheen.

Depending at the best of the leather-based, the rate of a cap degrees from Rs 6,000 to Rs 30,000.

According to experts, Karaqli made its manner from Bukhara in Uzbekistan to Central Asia and Afghanistan most effective to ultimately turn out to be a crucial part of the Kashmiri lifestyle.

It has been determined that most mainstream politicians pick out to put on Karakul caps. It’s also common for a Kashmiri groom to take off his dastar and update it with a Karakul cap even as he anticipates his bride reaching his in-laws’ house.

The famous save ‘John Cape House’ in Nawan Bazar vicinity of Srinagar is a 125-year-old shop of this unique cap.

Muzaffar John, now the fourth-generation maker of those caps, explains that there are three primary forms of this specific cap. The first is the Jinnah style, the second is the Afghan karakul, and the third is the Russian Karakul.

Muzaffar says that numerous leading personalities, including Muhammad Ali Jinnah and modern-day Prime Minister Narendra Modi had worn the hats made in his store.

“My grandfather made a karakul cap for Jinnah in 1944, his father made a karakul cap for Rajiv Gandhi in 1984, and I made a karakul cap for Dr Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, Mirwaiz, Ghulam Nabi Azad, amongst others in 2014. I additionally made it for Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” he stated.

Even though the trend of this unique hat fashion has been declining, now the current era is taking a lot of hobby in carrying it.

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