Gas leak at Factory in Andhra Pradesh’s Atchutapuram, 50 hospitalised

Anakapalle (Andhra Pradesh) [India]: About 50 individuals were changed to hospital after they fell ill because of gas leak at a firm in Atchutapuram in Andhra Pradesh.

The gas leakage apparently occurred at the properties of Brandix. Workers went out from the company due to panic.
” The gas leakage supposedly happened at the facilities of Brandix. 50 individuals have been shifted to medical facilities, and evacuation is underway at the premises. More details waited for,” SP Anakapalli said.

Some women workers were rushed to local healthcare facility for therapy.

Previously in June, concerning 178 ladies workers dropped unwell after a gas leak at a lab in Atchutapuram location of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. Extra clients were confessed to medical facility later on for treatment.

Following the incident, Andhra Pradesh federal government set up a joint committee to establish the reason for the gas leak.

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