Five Stalwarts taking over the Indian Broking Industry

New Delhi, (Delhi) [India]: ‘The business or service of buying and selling goods or assets for others’ – The dictionary meaning of Broking is straight & simple, however, is it really as facile as it sounds? Well, that is what Arklan, a reputed broking firm, flourishing in the domain of Real estate aims at doing for its clients.
Founded by 5 echelons in the Real Estate and Corporate leasing realm, Arklan today is a broking firm with the largest network of & working relationship with developers and retailers across the country. It strives to offer end to end leasing solutions for developers with specialization in Mall leasing mandates. The entire gamut of scope of services includes Broking, Commercial negotiations, Leasing Planning, Revenue planning, Tenant representation, Mall Leasing and Mandate execution. The 5 Co-founders namely, Rehan Huck, Tarun Narula, Shriram Monga, Devan Girdhar & Nikhil Agarwal together have built this platform with an endeavor to create a niche in this sector and manifest landmark deals. Aiming to set new benchmarks with the best retail mix, 100% mall leasing and prompt delivery of services, Arklan prides in deals which are based on business sustainability and value creation. These creators behind this wonder force “Arklan” are highly driven to make a difference in the world of broking by providing spectacular services and deals as per their customers in desired budgets.
Committed to change the face & set new benchmarks in the industry, the Co-founders come with their own set of expertise & experience and channelize their respective energies to synergize and focus towards turning around the fate of malls.
Rehan Huck: His journey from a small town Gomia, to ruling commercial service domains of real estate developments across urban India exemplifies his fortitude, hard work, perseverance and commitment to excel. Bestowed with numerous accolades, Rehan has now set his goal towards his entrepreneurial journey, after 15+ years of experience in India’s leading corporate prowess.
Tarun Narula: An inspiring personality and hailed as the stalwart in the retail business realm, his determination and belief in the real estate domain propelled him to seamlessly overcome all challenges and scale the ladder of success. His sturdy hand in broking along with his matchless alliance with brands has enabled him to execute over 4000+ transactions in his career and each achievement keeps him motivated to aim for higher goals.
Shriram Monga: His keen interest in retail real estate played a crucial role in the establishment of Arklan. He is a pioneer in this industry with his forte lying in large format stores, and his accolades speak volumes about him. He currently has expertise in F&B, retail as well as entertainment leasing.
Devan Girdhar: One of the finest retail consultants, he has practically seen the trade grow himself, with a profound experience behind him, thereby with a promising network. A solution driven professional with a strong hold in not just the domain of knowledge but also in developing customer centric solutions to secure better returns.
Nikhil Agarwal: One of the pioneers in the retail consulting business with an excellent track record of landmark retail transactions behind him, Nihil is self-made magnate in the Real Estate industry. His expertise across categories of Cinema, Fashion Anchors, Vanilla and F&B, with unparalleled command over the subject matter of retail.

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