End of election campaign, Bulgarians vote on November 14

Sofia [Bulgaria]: The election campaign for the elections for the 47th National Assembly and the elections for president and vice-president of Bulgaria ends at 24.00 hrs on November 12.
The campaign was launched on October 15, 2021 (30 days before election day – November 14). If a new vote is held (second stage), the election campaign in the elections for President and Vice President of the Republic ends on November 19, 2021 at 24.00 hrs. 20 parties and seven coalitions have registered to run in the parliamentary elections. It is expected that the 47th National Assembly will include six parties and coalitions according to the data of the sociological agencies – these are GERB-SDS, “BSP for Bulgaria”, “We Continue the Change”, TISP, DPS and “Democratic Bulgaria”.
A total of 24 parties, coalitions and initiative committees are registered in the public register for the presidential and vice-presidential elections.

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