Decathlon Decides To Reverse Its Name To ‘NOLHTACED’ In Three Belgian Cities

Brussels [Belgium]: To promote opposite buying, sporting items giant Decathlon has decided to opposite its name for a month. Now 3 cities in Belgium could have stores with a board so one can study “NOLHTACED”!

Decathlon stores in three Belgian towns – Evere, Namur, and Ghent, have changed their names. The employer took to Instagram to announce the exchange in name and wrote, “This month Decathlon becomes nolhtaceD… because a Buyback action, is like shopping in reverse, right?”

‘Decathlon’ written backward is ‘nolhtaceD’ and the enterprise believes this marketing pass might encourage people to indulge in ‘reverse shopping.

Reverse purchasing means that clients can resell antique or unused carrying goods again to the shop, and the business enterprise will then repair the item and resell them in a few forms under assurance. The pass is to promote preferred recognition of surroundings-friendly practices.

Another important issue of this move is that Decathlon isn’t just accepting items purchased from them but any sporting equipment.

Decathlon is a French-wearing items retailer with more than 1,600 shops across the globe. Started in 1976 by Michel Leclercq, the company got to the Indian markets in 2009.

Following the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine in February this year, many foreign companies, especially Western ones, deserted Russia.

Instead, Decathlon declared that it might hold with business as typical, drawing harsh complaints and boycotts from clients. On March 29, Decathlon declared that it had stopped doing enterprise and closed all its locations in Russia.

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