CPM is confused over alliance with Congress in Kerala, says BJP MP

New Delhi [India]: Following the remarks of Kerala Chief Minister and politburo member of CPM Pinarayi Vijayan stating that Congress cannot lead the charge of Opposition against the ruling Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) in the state, BJP MP KJ Alphons on Monday said that CPM is finished and they are completely confused over its alliance with the grand old party.
He further stated that the CPM does not consider Congress as a formidable alliance in the state while on the other hand, CPM General Secretary Sitaram Yechury believes that there is “no alternative” for an alliance. Speaking to ANI, Alphons said, “CPM is finished and they are completely confused. The CPM General Secretary wants an alliance with Congress because he says their is no alternative while they are fighting with each other in Kerala. CPM, which is very powerful in the state, say that they cannot have an alliance with Congress otherwise they will be finished in Kerala. On the other hand, Sitaram Yechury says that they cannot survive without Congress.”
Questioning the party’s motive, the BJP MP said that CPM is joining hands with Congress in West Bengal while they are fighting in Kerala.
“What is the party up to? They don’t have any idealogical difference with Congress because they have been allying with Congress in West Bengal, while they show that they are putting up a fight in Kerala. What are they? Are they fighting with each other or are they with each other?” asked Alphons.
CPM’s Kerala leaders during its Central Committee meeting in Delhi had also questioned the credibility of the Congress and noted that the alliance with regional parties will serve better than allying with Congress.
Terming it as a “political marriage of convenience” Alphons said, “CPM is finished and they have no clue ideologically and practically where to move forward to.”

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