BCI : UP Bar Council to withdraw call for abstinence from judicial work across state

New Delhi [India] : The Bar Council of India (BCI) has asked the Uttar Pradesh Bar Council to forthwith withdraw the call for abstinence from judicial work by lawyers across the state on Wednesday in protest of the killing of Advocate Bhupendra Pratap Singh inside the premises of the Shahjahanpur civil court on Monday.
In a letter written by Bar Council of India Secretary Srimanto Sen to the State Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh Secretary, the BCI assured that it will mention the same in the Supreme Court and at all other forums needed in order to have a fair, impartial and immediate investigation into the incident to book the guilty and to punish them in accordance with the provisions of Law. The Bar Council of India strongly condemned the killing and expressed its deep anguish at the unfortunate and brutal incident.
“However, even in times of such distress, it is reminded that abstinence, strike or boycott will not solve the problem,” BCI said.
BCI further added that such frequent strikes are further complicating the issues and are weakening the State Bar Councils as strikes are considered illegal by the Supreme Court of India when it concerns advocates, who are considered as officers of the court and as a part of the judicial machinery.
“Our profession is considered as a noble profession and the professional work rendered by us is unique and for the benefit of the common man including aggrieved parties who come to advocates in the hope that advocates will be able to get them justice when all doors are closed for them,” BCI said.
At this juncture, the Bar Council of India, apart from assuring to take up this brutal issue with the top authorities, also will try its level best to have the Advocates Protection Act implemented at the earliest.
“The Courts all over the country especially in Uttar Pradesh, as requested, should have a mechanism to prevent the entry of any person with firearms inside court premises and all possible entry and exit points to the court premises should be manned and guarded properly,” BCI said.
BCI said that it will certainly raise and take up this issue and try to have such a mechanism put in place by respective state governments.
“Even the claim for compensation, for the deceased brother Advocate, shall be supported by BCI, however, dear brothers and sisters of the fraternity, should not abstain from court work, it being against the directions of the Supreme Court and in fact, the same shall further make it difficult to fight for our rights with conviction when we ourselves are violating court orders,” BCI said.
Therefore, the BCI said that the Uttar Pradesh Bar Council is forthwith directed to withdraw the call for abstinence from judicial work by lawyers across the state on October 20.

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