89 indoor stadiums in Odisha

Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India]: In a major boost for the development of sports in the state, the Odisha Cabinet has approved 89 multi-purpose indoor stadiums with utility for sports, disaster shelters, and field hospitals on Monday under the “State Sports Infrastructure Development Project”.
The total cost of the project would amount to Rs 693.35 crores and would be completed in the next 18 months. This will provide In recent years, Odisha has been recognised as a leading destination for sports events and the promotion of sports. Under the 5T initiative, this project has been taken up to ensure the transformation of the Sports sector in the state.
With this project, the image of Odisha as an emerging Sports powerhouse will be further strengthened.
“State Sports Infrastructure Development Project” is proposed for ensuring the provision of quality sports infrastructure across ULBs of the State. As part of the project, Indoor stadiums are proposed to be constructed in 89 locations, where such facilities are not available currently.
The stadiums will have facilities for playing indoor games and are designed to withstand 200 kmph wind speed. The stadiums can be utilised as community shelters during the disasters like cyclones, floods, etc. In times of pandemics, the stadium can be converted into 50-bed (NAC model) or 100-bed (municipality model) field hospital.
The stadiums will be an asset for the community as they can be utilised for training, meetings, examination centers, etc.

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