Siliguri Municipal Corporation releases guppy fish in parts of city to combat dengue

Siliguri (West Bengal) [India]: Siliguri Municipal Corporation (SMC) on Friday released guppy fish, who feed on mosquito larvae, in different parts of the city to combat dengue.
‘It’s a programme jointly with the forest department and the government of West Bengal. We have released around two lakh guppy fish in different parts of the city to destroy the mosquitoes larvae. More than six lakh fish will be released in future to eradicate the larvae and the problem of mosquitoes and combat dengue,” said Gautam Deb, Chairman, Board of Administrators, SMC while speaking to ANI. “The dengue is mostly seen in the urban cities than the rural cities, but we are combating this thing under the leadership of UDA department and health and family department of the state who have been conducting surveys,” Deb said.
“We have taken many precautionary measures and the situation is controlled for now,” he further added.

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