Sayantani Ghosh Shares Post On COVID Recovery

Actress Sayantani Ghosh, who was down with COVID, is awaiting a negative test report before she goes back to work. “Before I join the cast of Tera Yaar Hoon Main, I need to make sure I test negative. Although, as per the government protocol, this is not needed but I will undergo the test keeping the safety of others in mind,” said the actress. Yesterday, the actress took to social media and wrote:

The beginning of 2022 has not been ideal. Inspite of being so careful, right at the onset of the year, we both landed up with the coronavirus n since then we have been isolating ourselves.

For me it was the first time ,but for @anugrah0070 the second time.Physically down surely ,but Mentally and Emotionally more challenged ! I m a planned person in life ,n this surely wasn’t a part of my plan for 2022. Sitting at home ,missing work n beginning the year on this note surely wasn’t a happy one ! But that’s the thing about life,once you begin to take note of the things you are grateful for, you begin to lose sight of the things that you lack We have now fully recovered . And all that I feel is immense gratitude image.png Gratitude for having such a supportive family ,my loving hubby ,for good health ,for my body for fighting it back so well,for everything in my life ! Getting to spend quality time with my husband ,having the morning n evening tea together (it’s become quite a ritual with us ) spending time with my own self, video calling my family and having quality chats, binge watching content .. all this has been such a happy n meaningful path to recovery. It began with severe body ache n cramps (honestly it was quite unbearable in the beginning) but Resting it out, eating healthy, sleeping well has been so instrumental, as amidst all the hustle n bustle of life I got time to nourish my body n my soul. So let’s note take our lives n loved ones for granted n let’s all be grateful.And now I’m ready n recovered . So 2022 here I come ..P.s :- pl wear your masks, ensure all safety protocols n take good care of yourself !! And for all my fans who have been continously messaging me n wondering as to why Im not a part of current eps of #tyhm .. now you know why . Hopefully your #daljeet will b back soon . Once again Leme tell you your love n support really means a lot and gives me immense strength . So thank you (sic)

Sayantani, who will be back in Kolkata in March, said, “I will be in Kolkata along with my husband Anugrah (Tiwari) to complete the registration process. We plan to pay a visit to few of our relatives too — something we couldn’t manage in December. My father is also planning a family trip to the hills, so let’s see how things unfold. I hope the situation will get better by then. We also have a plan to go abroad for our honeymoon but that will have to wait until things improve. So, we are planning a short trip in India. ”

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