How to Determine Skin tone to Match Foundation?


Sometimes, dabbing even the smallest amount of blush can make us look like a doll. It is obvious that we didn’t put much makeup on, it is just that it didn’t work out with your skin tone. Even with those highly-prized brushes and strategic techniques, if you cannot grab the hint of your skin tone, the makeup you have done is sure to go down the drain. With a never-ending list of high-end cosmetic brands taking the world by storm, we girls have got seemingly endless list of shades to make our choice from.

It is a tempting delight to have a try at all of them, but it is a vehement recommendation to go for shades that match your skin tone.

Now comes the million dollar question,  What is my skin tone?

Fear not because today we are taking a brave plunge into our beauty arsenal to help  you determine the skin tone and find your signature foundation shade.

Right Combination is the most important factor in a perfect make up

What is my Skin Tone?

Our skin is a complex structure and its tone can be determined by the amount of melanin in the epidermis. This gives the notion a true reason why the foundation
that has always worked for you suddenly seems unfit. It is because it keeps changing with seasons, sun exposure, vacations, tanning, acne, rosacea, and whatnot.
Now mainly, there are skin tones as mentioned below: 
 Fair
 Light
 Medium
 Dark
To determine your skin tone, we have a handful of techniques to help you find yours!
1. Look at your jawline
Grab a mirror, sit in natural light, and focus on your jaw skin. As this area is less affected than the rest of the face’s skin, you will be able to determine your skin tone quite easily from your jaw.
2. Look behind your ear
Ask your friend or a family to look behind the skin of your ear in natural light and determine the surface color.
3. Get a test done
With technology taking hold of the world, it is the best option for you if you would like to take a professional opinion. Many local beauty stores offer a test to determine your skin matches the right foundation. This would hardly take less than 15 minutes and you will be out of the store with a big smile and a foundation to boost your confidence.
However, skin tone is just one side of the coin, determining the undertone is also a key factor that can make or break your look. It would be helpful if you decode your undertone too to save yourself the labor of going up and down the makeup aisles.

Skin Care as per the skin tone and quality is must

What is my Skin Undertone?

Your skin undertone is the determinant of the temperature of your skin. Just as the skin tone determines the complexion, skin undertone is the color beneath your skin’s surface that uniquely makes up for your overall skin tone.

Undertones are usually classified as:

 Cool
 Warm
 Neutral
In various ways, it is believed that undertones are a prime factor and much more important than the overall skin tone dilemma. It is because most of the time when
certain complexion-associated products feel off and don’t fit the face, it is due to the fact that it does not match your undertone.

How to Determine Skin Undertone?

Now that we know that undertones are more crucial than skin tones, we ought to give you a good guide to help you determine your undertone.
1. Vein Test
The best way to determine your undertone is to sit in natural light and have a good look at the veins running through your wrist. If they appear green, that means youhave  a warm undertone. On the other hand, if they appear blue, you have a cool skin undertone, while with a neutral undertone you will get to see the shade of your veins a mix of green, purple, and blue.
2. Jewelry Test
Is there a particular metal that suits your taste? Or what do you prefer between silver and gold? It isn’t just a matter of preferences. Silver jewelry tends to complement cool undertones, while gold looks divine on warm undertones. If you are lucky enough to have neutral undertones, you will be able to do great with both silver and gold.


3. White Test
Throw on a white T-shirt or simply hold a white paper up to your face. Sit in the natural light with a mirror.
 If your skin appears pink/rosy, you have a cool undertone
 If your skin appears yellow, you have a warm undertone
 If your skin can pull off both white and creamy/off-white shades, you have a neutral undertone.
4. Sun exposure Test
Sun being a supreme entity in this whole universe, serves remarkably when it comes to calculating the skin undertone.
 People with cool skin undertone can burn easily
 A warm undertone tends to attain tan quite easily
 Skin that burns and then tans is most likely to fall in the category of a neutral undertone


5. Eye Color Test
According to Sesnek, a brilliant New York-based makeup artist, “Eye and hair color can have any skin undertone in it, but as a generalization, deeper skin tones
and deeper eye color usually tend to have warmer undertones while very fair skin and lighter eyes tend to have neutral or cool undertones.”

If you still cannot figure out your skin undertone, that doesn’t mean the world has fallen apart. You can simply go to your usual beauty store and ask the beauty
professionals to match you! With your skin undertones all known and established, we recommend you to go for those foundation brands that have your skin tone. Pick a brand that offers a wide range of shades and seriously takes skin tones and undertones into consideration,such  as Bobbi Brown and Fenty Beauty. This way you will not have to limit
yourself to the wrong shades and can have a good match that flatters your skin type, provides preferential coverage, and most importantly, suits your taste!

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